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GATE (Aud.) #5 - The Culver Theater

Dir/Writer: Katja Esson Producer: Ann Bennett, Corinna Sager, Ronald Baez, Katja Esson

Logline: Miami is ground-zero for sea-level-rise. When residents of the Liberty Square public-housing community learn about a $300 million revitalization project in 2015, they know that this sudden interest comes from the fact that their neighborhood is located on the highest-and-driest ground in the city. Now they must prepare to fight a new form of racial injustice – Climate Gentrification.
Documentary Feature | Runtime: 1:25:32 Premiere Status: LA Premiere

Dir/Writer/Prod: Tyler Council

Logline: “What Else Is On?” is a movie. Not just any movie either this one is 50 minutes and 12 seconds long. Thick with bizarre comedy sketches, 1 absurd cartoon, extremely odd commercials, and edgy riffs on pop culture, “What Else On?” will have you saying, “that was 50 minutes and 12 seconds long.”
Feature Film | Runtime: 50:12 Premiere Status: World Premiere

Dir.: Miguel Silveira Writer/Producer: Missy Hernandez

Logline: As finalists in a podcast competition worth 20 thousand dollars, Khadim Diop and his creative partner, Xisko Monroe, create an audio ethnography about the 2020 presidential election. Working exclusively in Times Square from sunrise November 3, 2020, to sunrise November 4, 2020, they ask all interviewees three questions: Where were you the last election? What are the most important issues in this election? Do you think this will be the last election? Conflict arises between the podcasters when Xisko’s sister challenges Khadim’s personal political choices and breaks his heart. Shot in one day in Times Square NYC, “The Last Election and Other Love Stories” is both fiction and documentary.

Documentary Feature | Runtime: 1:12:00 Premiere Status: California Premiere?

Dir/Writer: Deborah Richards; Prod: Patrick Wirtz

Jenna Anderson is a real estate agent from Las Vegas who can’t get over the death of her daughter. Crippled by guilt, she decides to walk away from society to live on the streets of Sin City in an effort to punish herself for the past.
Feature Films | Runtime: 01:23:55

Dir/Writer: Thaddeus D. Matula; Producer: Ricky Townsend

A heartfelt story of how a script, a stage, and a theater program composed of adults with disabilities celebrate their creativity, explore life’s complexities, and empower a community, in their own words and their own way—
Documentary Feature | Runtime: 1:39:00 Premiere Status: LA Premiere

Dir: Ramon Felipe Pesante; Writer: Jenni Ruiza; Prod: Jessica Hernandez, Marc Reign, Jenni Ruiza, Amada Caba, Janeita Bellamy, Elaine Del Valle, Burton Lewis

After her ex-boyfriend’s acting career takes off, Samantha picks up the pieces to her broken heart and (so-called) acting career to rediscover her essence as a modern Latinx actress.
Feature Film | Runtime: 1:30:00 Premiere Status: World Premiere

Dir/Writer: Yaz Canli; Prod: Diane Foster

My Home Unknown is a story about a female artist with schizophrenia experiencing homelessness and the courage it takes to accept help.
Feature Film | Runtime: 1:28:00 Premiere Status: World and LA Premiere

Dir/Prod: Leif Erik Gantvoort, Brian Spillane; Writer: Leif Erik Gantvoort

Logline: After 50 years of failure an amalgamated man sets out to make a name for himself through cinema, but as his production unfolds the various versions of him clash over whose story is being told while confronting an entrenched industry that may never let him finish.
Feature Film | Runtime: 1:24:00

Dir/Writer/Prod: Nyasha Laing

Logline: Imogene “Queenie” Kennedy was a contemporary priestess in post-colonial Jamaica who catapulted her African spiritual practice into renown. But after centuries of erasure, what remains of the dance between the living and the dead?
Int’l Documentary Feature | Runtime: 57 :15 Country: Jamaica Premiere Status: LA Premiere