The Micheaux Film Festival

A Word from Our Founders

As “collegehood” friends and Emmy-nominated filmmakers, we started our journey by hosting sold out local screenings for Issa Rae’s Insecure and evolved our vision to help creatives of all walks of life by forming an international ground-breaking platform.

We started this festival in 2018 with one goal in mind – to help, inspire, educate, and entertain the unseen and unheard. As Emmy-nominated creators our aim is to shift the spotlight from our own purpose and illuminate others who need a platform to showcase their unique art and connect with other like-minded creatives.

Our first year, we recruited every single film that was a part of the festival’s programming lineup, and donated all of our proceeds to a non profit organization with the goal of giving back to the community and sincerely helping others.

We come from very humble beginnings and limited resources, and growing the company through a global pandemic has not been an easy feat. But what keeps us coming back has been the overwhelming response from our creatives and the community – a needed pulse and heartbeat that Hollywood severely lacks.

Oscar Micheaux once said, “there is no barrier to success which diligence and perseverance cannot hurdle. That our self-image is so powerful it unwittingly becomes our destiny.” And this mindset has provided us with the endurance and the dexterity to continue to serve our creatives and those who walk through our festival gates.
We don’t just look at ourselves as an organization or a company.

We’re a family. A family rooted in Christian values that no matter who comes through our doors will be humbly served and celebrated with honesty, equity, and most importantly with love. We know first hand how hard it can be seeing how capitalism and the old guard of the “industry” continue to dilute and destroy the dreams of so many talented, independent artists. And that is why we’re here. To be a stepping stone of encouragement and inspiration. As we grow, we want to incorporate more strategic measures and practices that will help launch the careers of the many who look to the Micheaux Film Festival as a beacon of encouragement, hope, and faith.

Our only ask is that you continue to support us and give back to others who can do nothing for you. Because just as breaking into this industry isn’t easy, neither is continuing to go against the grain, defying the status quo and innovating an experience and platform that changes lives and amplifies careers.

Let’s continue change the universe and this industry. One project at a time. .

Noel Braham | Courtney L. Branch