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6925 Hollywood Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90028



(Feature film)  | Runtime: 1:25:06

Dir. Joseph E. Austin II / Writer: Denise Yolén / Prod. Naiquan Greene, Denise Yolén, Jeremy Harris, Joseph E. Austin II

Logline: When fiercely independent Monika moves back to New York from Los Angeles determined to make it this time completely on her own, the last thing she ever expected was to meet Trent with an open heart and open arms. Sundays In July takes an intimate look at two lovers navigating the minefield of their egos, fears, and flaws to dive into the most foreign and uncharted territory: true love.



(Short film)  | Runtime: 18:38

Dir. Jared Milrad / Writer: Jared Milrad, Nathan Johnson / Prod. Kiana Madani, Jared Milrad

Logline: In a world where physical distancing is strictly enforced during a years-long pandemic, Eric Jones looks forward to his frequent video dates with Kat Hunley, a tech wizard who does consulting projects for the government. Eric's last girlfriend, Sarah, was killed by the virus, so he values his time with Kat. A nonprofit advocate, Eric's also intrigued by Kat's penchant for taking risks, and tonight, she has a crazy idea: meeting up "IRL," or In Real Life.


(Short film)  | Runtime: 7:26

Dir. / Writer: Gerald Webb / Prod. Gerald Webb, Mark Christopher Lawrence, Meredith Thomas

Logline: Unprecedented times force two fierce rivals to come face to face, for the first time in over a decade, to close a deal for the most valuable substance on earth.


(Web Series)  | Runtime: 14:32

Dir. Rose Massett, Michael Klapp / Writer: Marybeth Massett, Patrick Massett / Prod. Marybeth Massett, Portia Klapp, Patrick Massett

Logline: A rich ultra conservative woman from Malibu enters politics to reinvent herself after her husband leaves her for a progressive woman he finds a connection with. Claire-ity satirizes the Left and the Right. Wackiness ensues.


(Web Series)  | Runtime: 15:00

Dir. / Writer: Larry Powell / Prod. Angelica Robinson

Logline: The Gaze is a hilarious and raw, heartfelt dramedy tracking the career of Jerome Price, an openly queer black actor, as he fights to rise above the labyrinth of systemic racism and inequality in the entertainment industry in hopes of being able to shine under a gaze that sees him as equal and free.


(Short film)  | Runtime: 13:48

Dir. Benjamin Abiola, Travis Blackwell / Writer: Benjamin Abiola

Logline: On Dec. 21st 2020, The solar system’s largest planets, Jupiter and Saturn collide to create a bright point in the sky that gifts black people supernatural powers. Jamal's powers help him discover a new world.


(Web series)  | Runtime: 9:20

Dir. Nathan Baer / Writer / Prod. Carlo Angelo Hernandez

Logline: TRYING HARD follows the intimate story of Maki Bonifacio as a gay young professional from the Philippines working and living in Nashville, Tennessee. Maki attempts to navigate dating in the U.S., while trying to overcome insecurities and familial pressure amidst the challenges brought forth by his sexual orientation, race, and status as a foreign worker.


(Short film)  | Runtime: 17:01

Dir. Erika Kelley, Shandrea Evans / Writer: Erika Kelley / Prod. Erika Kelley, Shandrea Evans, Pamela Williams, Jessica Williams, Douglass Jamison, Chance Parker, Briana Hemphill

Logline: When a young woman struggling with low confidence decides to follow the guidance of a popular self-help book, she makes a bold decision towards manifesting her dreams.



(Short film)  | Runtime: 5:41

Dir. / Writer: Ryan Blount / Prod. Ryan Christopher Blount, Calvin Bradley III, Xzavier Williams, Anthony Parham

Logline: A young police officer discovers a dark secret at a seemingly ordinary suburban home.


(Short film)  | Runtime: 8:47

Dir. / Writer / Prod. Nicolas Bosc

Logline: Leon's thoughts and emotions are so impaired due to drug abuse that contact is lost with external reality.


(Short film)  | Runtime: 8:29

Dir. Maryam Cne / Writer: Chris Labadie / Prod. Doree Seay, Maryam Cne, Chris Labadie, Christopher Sheffield

Logline: Childhood best friends Nyla, Casey and Eran use a popular social media app to spark a night of adventure. The randomly generated coordinates lead them to a location where their manifestations are said to come true. It's just a harmless app right?


(Short film)  | Runtime: 7:29

Dir. / Writer: Graylin Taylor / Prod. Benjamin McDaniel Smith, Graylin Taylor

Logline: A group of hungry friends goes to a fast-food restaurant after a late-night joyride, but their emotions change when unusual action leads to a resonating effect and lost appetite.


(Short film)  | Runtime: 29:37

Dir. / Writer: G.C. Montgomery / Prod. Garett Montgomery, Sean Bartley, Rennard Westley II

Logline: Rules to Rule is an exhilarating short film that brings you into an underworld of crime through a colorful crew of thieves who operate on a strict code. When one of their own betrays the group, adherence to the rules becomes more than a guide to the perfect score - it’s a necessity for survival.


(Short film)  | Runtime: 48:49

Dir. / Writer: Bobby Huntley

Logline: |CONNECT| is a compelling supernatural socio-political drama with sci-fi elements about a young black male named Vincent who is struggling with his ability to communicate with the dead. It's a gift that he doesn't want, and feels pressured to keep under wraps by his politician father, who is more concerned with keeping his political career intact. It is not until an unruly death of yet another black teen in the community that Vincent feels called to use his gift to be of service for a distressed community with no hope. Will he obey his father's orders or help fulfill a grieving mother's last wish?



(Short film)  | Runtime: 14:45

Dir. Kimmy Gatewood / Writer: Annie Mebane / Prod. Lauren Bancroft, Kimmy Gatewood, Matthew C. Johnson, Devin Doyle

Logline: In the inevitable future where everyone has a permanent curve in their spine from looking at their screens, one woman longs to break free of her screen and experience the world with her own eyes. After discovering an old chiropractic book from the past, her wish becomes a reality at a horrible cost.


(Short film)  | Runtime: 30:00

Dir. / Writer: Muhammad Bilal / Prod. Muhammad Bilal, Sadiya Bilal

Logline: Ali, a troubled yet imaginative boy, has one dream in life: to become a screenwriter. Neglected by his mother, brutalized by his stepfather, and bullied by members of the neighborhood gang; he longs for a safe space to simply write screenplays and immerse himself in the world of his imagination. As he searches for a safe haven, he discovers a magical cave. Nestled inside of the cave, he begins to write and draw prolifically. But as the violence from his stepfather and the local gang turn deadly, he must decide to either take a stand or lose his dream forever.


(Short film)  | Runtime: 10:00

Dir. / Writer: Deborah Richards / Deborah Wirtz

Logline: A haunted, sexy Las Vegas penthouse dweller explores the darker side of the city and its many addictions.


(Short film)  | Runtime: 13:30

Dir. / Writer: Britt Banks / Prod. Alicia Agramonte, Fetle Negash, Richard E. Haywood

Logline: After Kiki loses her brother, she gains three sisters, but must ultimately decide if her newfound sisterhood is all it's cracked up to be.


(Short film)  | Runtime: 14:59

Dir. / Writer: Dekel Benson / Prod. Merlin Merton, Dominic Davey, Dekel Berenson

Logline: Nestled between a beautiful lake and the Himalayas, Ashmina, 13, lives with her family at the outskirts of Pokhara Nepal, paragliding capital of the world. The remote and traditional town is also a busy tourist destination where the locals are profoundly affected by the swarms of tourists who visit daily. Forced to skip school, Ashmina helps her family make ends meet by working at the landing field, packing the parachutes of foreign pilots in return for small change.


(Short Film)  | Runtime: 24:53

Dir. Kevin Wellbeck / Writer: Champ Johnson / Prod. Kevin Wellbeck

Logline: Quincy has been finding it difficult to cope with the death of his younger brother, who was wrongfully shot and killed by a police officer. When the officer is acquitted of all charges, he loses the little hope he had left in the justice system and in himself. As Quincy is pushed to face his emotions and navigate his new reality, he is presented with an opportunity to take matters into his own hands to try and give his brother the justice he deserves.



(Short film)  | Runtime: 18:00 

Dir. Gianinni Moreira / Writer: Manny McCord / Prod. Manny McCord, Thomas Pierce, Dominique Collier, Robert Regpala

Logline: An Assassin database has been breached, giving citizens direct access to order assassinations, and also leaving historical metadata open to the public. As death totals continue to rise, these assassins must find out who's responsible for breaching Kill File before detectives do.


(Short film)  | Runtime: 12:00

Dir. Pokey Spears, Shawn Skadburg / Writer: Shawn Skadburg, Prod. Pokey Spears, Shawn Skadburg, Wendy Fisher

Logline: Set in the backdrop of American poverty, a young man with 2 brothers and a girlfriend finds himself "in over his head" when he decides to rob a bank to pay for his brother's chemotherapy.


(Student short film)  | Runtime: 5:34

Dir. / Writer: Tari Wariebi / Prod. Veronica Bouza, Guo Guo, Jordan Tyner

Logline: Janine and Lula are having a routine granddaughter and grandmother day out when a stop at a local gas station does not go as planned.


(Student short film)  | Runtime: 29:26 

Dir. / Writer: Jason Snellman / Prod. Shelly Snellman, Robo & Bash Productions

Logline: After surviving an attempt on his life, a disgraced police officer enlists the help of his partner to seek revenge, bringing into focus their differing sense of morality and responsibility to the community they serve.


(Short film)  | Runtime: 25:00

Dir. Frankie Garcés / Writer:  Elijah Craft / Prod. Frankie Garcés , Elijah Craft, Mark Wales

Logline: Lawrence Norrington, "a coke-nosed, good for nothing, trust-fund fuck," joins a video conference with his company, only to be unexpectedly shot in the face. Cock sure Detective Harry Styles jumps in the whodunit to crack the case wide open.


(Short Film)  | Runtime: 16:07

Dir. / Writer: Michael Schilf / Prod. Michael Schilf, Chase Kuker, Ryan D. Wood

Logline: THE FIXER is a crime, action, drama about an extorted Mafia enforcer who must partner with the femme fatale hired gun who murdered his wife in order to save his daughter and liberate himself from a sadistic Los Angeles crime boss.