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A collection of stories that uniquely affect the ladies in your life. Volume 2
Q&A immediately following the screening block in the theater

Dir: Tyler Davis; Writer: Miya Kodama, Laurie Magers; Prod: Anosh McAdam, Lauren Bancroft

Nowadays, H-Mart isn’t just a grocery store. It’s a place for creepy men to try and meet Asian women.
US Narrative Short | Run time: 4:46 World Premiere

Dir: Via Bia; Writer/Producer: Via Bia, Jax Baires

A comedian’s set is interrupted by the one thing she never jokes about.
US Narrative Short | Run time: 8:29 LA Premiere

Dir: Kim Furst; Writer/Producer: Julie Phillips

What’s a post-menopausal girl supposed to do when her famous music producer husband publicly dumps her for a younger wanna-be punk rocker/ska singer named Gretl Grunge? DUH! A reality show, of course! Dori Britt wants to show the world she is FINE. But that’s hard to do when she’s holed up with her live-in housekeeper during a pandemic. So she starts a book club to show the world she’s smart, social, and FUN! But things go awry when you combine, wine, cheese, cutlery, and “Karens”.
US Narrative Short | Run time: 14:02 World Premiere

Dir/Writer: Christopher Mack

What would you do to be a star? On a film with no budget? Audrey, a working actor, is determined to follow her dreams to shine, but finds herself up against growing challenges. Diva is a timely, comedic, and sharp commentary on working in the film industry as a female actor. It explores victimization and complicity in film making.
Int’l Short | Runtime: 12:52 Country: France Premiere Status: Unsure about Premiere

Dir./Writer/Producer: Ambyr Michelle

(Dir./Writer/Producer: Ambyr Michelle) The Little Girl Inside follows the vengeful and curious Ava as she searches through hotel rooms, hoping to discover something new within herself. When what’s behind those doors becomes repetitive and underwhelming, Ava questions her identity and existence—that is, until one night a stranger convinces her to make a life-changing decision.
US Narrative Short | Run time: 19:57 LA Premiere

A collection of stories surrounding fertility, pregnancy, and motherhood.
Q&A immediately following the screening block in the theater

Dir./Writer: Felicia Pride; Prod: Regina Hoyles

A forty-something single mother gets her groove back with a little assistance from her teenage daughter. LOOK BACK AT IT is set in Baltimore and also serves as a proof of concept for a feature film of the same name.
US Narrative Short | Run time: 11:44

Dir./Writer: Huriyyah Muhammad; Prod: Okema Moore, Snyder Derival, Huriyyah Muhammad

Hardworking moms, Teeni and Cherice don’t ask for much. Like everyone else, they are on the grind, just trying to make a better life for themselves and their toddler. Struggling financially, things get worse when they come home to find an eviction notice plastered on their door. The solution however surprises even them when their cranky, constipated toddler poops three golden nuggets. While WONDERS is a response to the eviction crisis across the country, at its heart is a celebration of the wisdom of our elders and the magic of our babies. It speaks to community, personal power and legacy presented with humor and imagination.
US Narrative Short | Run time: 15:00 LA Premiere

Dir: Neen; Writer: Pages Matam; Prod: Jamari Perry

A gender reveal party goes comically south when the mom-to-be hides in a closet with her queer bestie and spills the tea…he may be the daddy.
US Narrative Short | Run time: 10:12 World Premiere

Dir/Writer: Yhá Mourhia D. Wright; Producer: Michelle Daniel, Javana Mundy

When an imaginative and anxious Broadway hopeful receives life-changing news, she is forced to confront her deepest desires and worst fears.
Short Plus | Runtime: 27:42 Premiere Status: LA Premiere

Dir: Zach Kaplan; Prod: Brandon J. Somerville

A young married couple in 2092 have a meeting with their doctor at the Nativity program for genetically constructing their first child, but as more choices are asked of them, they realize some rather fundamental questions still need to be discussed.
US Narrative Short | Run time: 12:46 LA Premiere

A collection of stories told from the unique perspective of Black men – all about boyhood, manhood, and growing up in American society.
Q&A immediately following the screening block in the theater

Dir: Tari Wariebi Writer: Tari Wariebi, Christina Kingsleigh Licud; Producer: Jordan Vernon Tyner

In a world where Black men have wings and their first flight is a rite of passage, Akil must defy fears, insecurities, and societal barriers while discovering his perfect launch into manhood.
US Narrative Short Plus | Run time: 27:28 Feature Talent: Amin Joseph (Snowfall), Karimah Westbrook (All American)

Dir./Writer: Malcolm Ford Walker; Producer: Malcolm Ford Walker, Corey Baron, Chris Smith

After getting picked on by his friends, a young man with a bad haircut journeys through New York City in search of a barber in order to impress a girl at a skatepark.
Student Short | Run time: 9:14

Dir/Writer: Denzel Jenkins; Prod: David Duran Lopez, Stephanie Jones

A young man victim of rape finds a healing space through his estranged father.
Student Short | Run time: 15:00 World Premiere

Dir./Writer: Ryan Darbonne, Prod: Tamar Price

Two black men on a fishing trip stumble across the body of a dead white man and debate what to do with it.
US Narrative Short | Run time: 13:56 lA Premiere

Dir: Hisonni Mustafa; Writer: Eduardo Robinson, Hisonni Mustafa; Prod: Shante Deloach, Adia Bell, Trina Colon, Brandon Champ Robinson, Eduardo Robinson, Hisonni Mustafa

When a dedicated teacher’s prized student mysteriously disappears, he is confronted with a pivotal challenge that compels him to reconcile with the boy’s mother in a race against time to locate him.
US Narrative Short | Run time: 15:00 World Premiere

A collection of stories of those committing crimes or trying to solve them.
Q&A immediately following the screening block in the theater

Dir/Writer: Eoin Duffy; Producer: Jamie Hogan

With story and visuals purposefully separated, a Regular Rabbit battles a comically absurd onslaught of disinformation. He is not the nightmare being told. He is as shown, a regular ol’ stupid rabbit doing his usual rabbit stuff! The narrator is full of s#!t!! How is this so hard to believe?! Fake news!! Where’s the evidence?! Agh!!! He is nothing more than a Regular Rabbit!
Int’l Short | Runtime: 7:43 Country: Ireland Premiere Status: LA Premiere

Dir: Tamiah Bantum; Writer: Jessica Rookeward; Prod: Jessica Rookeward, Travis Leland

Tom Havis’ life has been torn apart by a mysterious killer. Out for revenge, he stumbles upon a young woman whose secrets may just be the answers to his hunt.
US Narrative Short | Run time: 10:09 LA Premiere

Director: Jose Peña; Writer: RJ Lucci; Prod: RJ Lucci, Margarita Karaghiozakis, Derek S. Nelson, Ammar Assad, Frank Malakauskas

Two New York Criminals, escaping a sticky situation, head out west to California, where an opportunity to steal a new cosmetic drug may provide them the score they’ve been looking for.
Digital Web Series | Runtime: 22:22 Premiere Status: World Premiere

Director: Tim Young; Writer: Brandon Scales; Prod: Brandon Scales, Miguel L Antonio, Rui Canvasking Lopes, Evelyn Brito, Yhá Mourhia Wright

Investigative reporting rule #1: You could get someone killed. Investigative reporting rule #2: Someone may want to kill you. After successfully publishing an article exposing a corrupt Mayor Collins administration, reporter Luke Harden is approached by Gina Rose, a victim of sex trafficking. With nowhere else to turn, she gives him a lead on his next story, her trafficker’s name. His investigation sends him down a rabbit hole exposing a massive powerful network including cartels, police, and elected officials who will do anything to keep their secrets hidden.
Digital Web Series | Runtime: 12:04 Premiere Status: LA Premiere

Dir./Writer: Cyrille Phipps, Prod: Monique Hazeur

A single mother devastated by a job loss and badly settled divorce finds her computer compromised on the verge of a desperate and dangerous new business venture.
US Narrative Short | Run time: 13:46

Dir: James Sunshine; Writer/Prod: Tasha Hardy

CURIOSITY is a quirky dramedy about a bored, small town janitor, Bob Cooke, who has a not-so-secret double life of spying on people and impulsively getting into their business. When he witnesses the girl of his dreams being kidnapped, it sends him into a hyper stealth mode, working alongside his younger, skeptical friend Dustin – a cop wannabe.
US Narrative Short | Run time: 14:37

Dir: Tony Diaz; Writer/Prod: Peter Zizzo

A film producer at the breaking point in his marriage schemes to have his actress wife murdered. Things do not go quite as planned. From two-time Emmy winning filmmaker Tony Diaz and Emmy / Grammy winning actor, writer, and composer Peter Zizzo, comes a murderously twisted comedy about toxic men, dark women, and of course, hot yoga.
US Narrative Short | Run time: 17:49 World Premiere Feature Talent: Peter Zizzo, Emily Chapman, Chauntal Lewis

A collection of stories featuring those who are learning to embrace themselves, and in turn allowing others to see the real them – who they are, exactly as they are.

Dir/Writer: Nana Duffuor; Prod: Yaél Bermudez

Maame is a God-fearing mother who wants nothing but the best for her son, Kojo. But when he befriends an out and proud, expressive young man in their church, Maame must confront her fear of accepting Kojo’s burgeoning sexual identity or risk losing him.
Int’l Short | Runtime: 11:49 Country: Ghana Premiere Status: LA Premiere

Dir: Rodrigo Carvalhedo, Silvia Lara; Writer: Rodrigo Carvalhedo; Prod: Silvia Chen, Rodrigo Carvalhedo

A magical birthday wish sends a closeted gay man into a surreal coming-out journey between Brazil and Los Angeles. Wishful Thinking is the director’s real-life coming-out letter, screened to his family.
US/Brazil Narrative Short | Run time: 17:46 LA Premiere

Dir: Ryan Craver; Writer: Donovan Tolledo, Rali Chaouni; Prod: Donovan Tolledo

At the end of summer, KEVIN pierces his own lip as a last-ditch effort to win over a skater boy, who also happens to be his best friend. Kevin soon finds that his self-destructive plan may not be as infectious as he envisioned.
Student Short | Run time: 16:19 LA Premiere

Dir/Writer: Amanda Gordon; Prod: Tiana Cantu, Raine Shank

Striving to please her overbearing mother, a 13-year-old gymnast must lose 5 pounds in one night.
Student Short | Run time: 11:43 LA Premiere

Dir./Writer/Producer: Desmond Jackson

A habitual liar afraid of disclosing his sexuality is slowly killed by the lies he tells his friends.
US Narrative Short | Run time: 6:28 LA Premiere

Dir: Jeff “J.O.” Oliphant; Writer/Prod: Al Washington, James Peoples

Derrick struggles to find weed during a stressful return to his hometown until he learns that his family’s acceptance is the ultimate high.
US Narrative Short | Run time: 22:36 LA Premiere

A collection of stories all about family and the many versions that define the word ”home.”

Dir./Writer: Chase Gutzmore; Prod: Isaac Gazmararian, Liam Nelson, Chase Gutzmore

Actress Porshe is in town to visit her family on a 2-week break from her hit broadway show. However, the future of the show gets put in jeopardy once she finds out a secret her brother Tony has been keeping from her while she’s been away…
US Narrative Short | Run time: 15:42

Dir./Writer: Miguel Melo, Prod: Josslyn Glenn

An unlikely pair, a non-binary painter and an uptight woman, bond through the power of story, leading them to rediscover the meaning of home and close circles that burden them.
US Narrative Short | Run time: 15:00

Dir./Writer: Tori Sampson

US Narrative Short | Run time: 8:40 LA Premiere

Dir./Writer: Andrew Acedo; Prod: Ross Matlin, Andrew Acedo

Two Filipino lovers with different upbringings struggle to fulfill cultural and familial expectations, forcing them to face a crossroads in their relationship and individual identities.
US Narrative Short | Run time: 17:22

Dir./Writer: Vonii Bristow; Prod: Vonii Bristow, Davetta Florance-Bristow

A boy, a father, and a secret…when his world caves in, how will he deal?
US Narrative Short | Run time: 19:59 LA Premiere

Dir: Ravi Guru Singh, Kelechi Nkemdilim; Writer/Prod: Ravi Guru Singh

As his wedding day approaches, an Indian American man realizes his turban must be tied for his wedding and has to decide whether to invite his father be a part of the biggest day of his life.
US Narrative Short | Run time: 10:59 World Premiere

Dir./Writer: Brandon Thomas; Prod: Gabby Occchipinto

In Oakland California we’re introduced to a family leaving their 3 year olds “Red Egg & ginger” party. A young Black father named Reggie is completely oblivious to how he botched a traditional Chinese event important to his Asian-American wife. June will one-up Reggies mistake with her lack of understanding her husband’s Black experience.
US Narrative Short | Run time: 12:51

A collection of stories that focus on the injustices and obstacles that racism is responsible for creating.

Q&A immediately following the screening block in the theater

Dir: Dr. Karen Baptiste; Prod: Edwin Walker, Dr. Karen Baptiste

Countless children are educationally lynched in the United States with labels such as emotionally disturbed and intellectually disabled, resulting in children under the age of 8 to be shuffled from school to prison for minor infractions; Meanwhile investors are cashing in on this new form of slavery with Black & brown children being disproportionately impacted the most.
US Documentary Short | Run time: 16:31 World/LA Premiere

Dir./Writer: Jordan K. Paul; Prod: Xan Churchwell

Months into his move to Los Angeles from the US Virgin Islands, Jordan and his White roommate Tyler are stopped by the young LAPD Officer, Miller. Tyler attempts to “fight oppression” and gets into a physical altercation with the officer.
US Narrative Short | Run time: 15:00 World premiere

Dir./Writer/Prod: Trevor McGhie

When a seemingly “woke” activist’s phone goes missing at prom, she becomes suspicious of a young black man… exposing how dangerous ones subconscious bias can be.
US Narrative Short | Run time: 17:21 LA Premiere

Dir/Writer: Megan Trufant Tillman; Prod: Kimiko Matsuda-Lawrence

A nine-year-old loner wants his brother to teach him how to play the trumpet. In the 7th Ward of New Orleans, that’s not so simple.
Short Plus | Runtime: 30:00

A collection of stories all about family and the many versions that define the word ”home.” Volume 2

Dir./Writer: Shandrea Evans; Prod: Lexx Truss, Kendra Mitchell

Feeling homesick after moving to Los Angeles, a young woman begrudgingly visits her great-aunt where she discovers friendship, communal history, and her new city through a fresh lens.
US Narrative Short | Run time: 8:35 World Premiere

Dir./Writer: Don Castro; Prod: Don Castro, Sherry Huang

A father, waiting for his son to arrive home, faces a hidden truth that emerges as the night unfolds. Starring Don Castro (Power Book II: Ghost, Marvel’s Daredevil) and Roy Flores (Here Lies Love on Broadway, Inventing Anna), “Your blue heart” is a meditation on memory and the mysterious way it lives inside of us.
US Narrative Short | Run time: 8:59

Dir./Writer: Frederick Thornton; Prod: Gia Rigoli, Sean Hackett, Veronica Kompalic, Jazmin Cortes

Henry– a Black man grieving the unexpected loss of his father, Charles, finds himself regretting all the conversations they never had, when an opportunity arises for them to talk one final time.
US Narrative Short | Run time: 19:25 LA Premiere

Dir./Writer: Knial Saunders; Prod: Bei Lameng, Mary Liu, Blaine Morris

Zeph’s relationship with his friend and crush, Sol, is called into question as he increasingly spends more time with him preparing for an art exhibition. Desperate to save her son, Augustine stages an ambush to confront him. Events take a turn, forcing Zeph to call into question how he will move forward how he will reconcile who he is and who he is pretending to be for others. he will be accepted by his family – if at all.
Student Short | Run time: 17:29 World Premiere

Dir: Mo McRae; Writer: James Gutierrez; Prod: Kids In The Spotlight, Inc., Tige Charity, Scaleble Content Production, Lex Scott Davis, Matt Cassaro

Abandoned as a baby, Percy’Q traverses through life attempting to overcome the traumas of his past.
US Narrative Short | Run time: 11:47 LA Premiere

Dir: Erik Bloomquist; Writer: Robyn Babina; Producer: Robyn Babina, Erik Bloomquist

A seemingly perfect family has a secret that they aren’t willing to share or discuss, despite the fact that it is negatively impacting them in similar and extremely emotional ways.
US Narrative Short | Run time: 12:08 World Premiere

Dir/Writer: Amritpal Kaur; Prod: Jaspreet Kaur, Marcos Nieves, Mario Torres Torres

Zindagi Dobara is a short narrative film centering a young South Asian teen who is forced to live with her distant aunt she’s never met or heard of before when her parents are killed in a car accident. The two are forced to embark on a lifelong journey to coexist and perhaps one day, love one another.

US Narrative Short | Run Time: 15:00

A collection of stories told from the unique perspective of Black women – friendship, love, and dealing with the cards life has dealt.
Q&A immediately following the screening block in the theater

Dir: Tyler Davis; Writer: Asia Martin, Jordan Stafford, Calvin Seabrooks; Prod: Anosh McAdam, Lauren Bancroft

A thriller about an ashy woman who struggles to find lotion.
US Narrative Short | Run time: 5:07 World Premiere

Dir: Phyllis Toben Bancroft; Writer: Phyllis Toben Bancroft, Nikki Syreeda; Prod: Phyllis Toben Bancroft, Sandra Evers-Manley

When an ambitious college student’s impromptu date takes an unexpected turn, silence is easier, but at what cost? This short film deals with the self-silencing that occurs in the aftermath of a traumatic assault.
US Narrative Short | Run time: 16:15

Dir: Tailiah Breon; Writer: Destiny Jackson; Producer: Fetle Negash, TyKecia Hayes

After failed attempts at love, Leah, a successful journalist, talks her best friend, Keith, into making a dating pact. The two are all in as they set out for a night on the town. They quickly find out that sometimes things have to go left in order for them to go right.
US Narrative Short | Run time: 21:20

Dir: Ric Serena; Writer: Nakia Secrest; Prod: Ric Serena, Nakia Secrest, Jennifer Secrest, Warren Farnes

As a successful radio DJ, Tracey made a career out of her love for music and its connection to the human experience. But when confronted with her mother’s illness, she is forced to reevaluate her own life. Divided between the hauntingly beautiful memories of her past, fears of the future and the painful realities of her present, she gives herself the ultimate challenge – a broadcast of reconciliation.
US Narrative Short | Run time: 19:56

A collection of stories featuring friendship – the good, the bad, the terrible. Volume 2
Q&A immediately following the screening block at the Filmmaker Sky Lounge

Dir: Nirav Bhakta; Writer: David Aguilar, Nirav Bhakta; Prod: Chun Chun Chang, Bhavani Rao, Rachel Breitag, Lauren Robinson

‘To The Letter’ follows a young unhoused student as she attempts to learn how to read. Letters and words escape her into the cloudy darkness of her frustration until her tutor breaks through and braves the storm with her. The film is inspired by the non profit School on Wheels ABC Literacy Program, which is designed to help unhoused students in kindergarten through third-grade catch up to their grade level in literacy and develop a love of reading.
US Narrative Short | Run time: 5:00

Dir./Writer: Jazmin Aguilar; Prod: Miranda Guzman, Miranda Pacheco

A notorious outlaw named Bottle Tooth Guapo, runs into their biggest fan Lazlo, who is determined to show them that he is a force to be reckoned with and a worthy sidekick.
US Narrative Short | Run time: 12:00

Dir./Writer: Salieu Sidique; Prod: Jalen Blot, Arisa Olazabal, Salieu Sidique

A precocious young boy struggles to come to terms with his own self-image amidst his parents’ heated separation.
US Narrative Short | Run time: 15:00 LA Premiere

Dir./Writer: Heidi Nyburg; Prod: Kristin T Higgins

Based on a true story, a sheltered little girl spends an unnerving afternoon with her estranged father where she’s left with just her imagination to stop time and escape impending disaster.
US Narrative Short | Run time: 14:59 LA Premiere

Dir./Writer/Producer: Laurie J. Gardiner

“Remedial” is a coming-of-age narrative drama that centers around a young British boy who relocates to Houston, TX with his mother after a devastating and unexpected loss. After enrolling in a new school, his new homeroom teacher is forced to make a difficult decision when his behavior becomes increasingly disconcerting.
US Narrative Short | Run time: 20:05

Dir/Writer: JR Aristide; Prod: Gilbert Mirambeau

A young Haitian boy must decide if joining a gang is the right path for him.
Int’l Short | Runtime: 14:42 Country: Haiti Premiere Status: 2nd LA Premiere

Based on the true story of Jann Mardenborough, the film is the ultimate wish fulfillment tale of a teenage Gran Turismo player whose gaming skills won a series of Nissan competitions to become an actual professional racecar driver.
A collection of stories featuring those who dare to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes.

Dir./Writer: c.Craig; Producer: Mitchell Graham Colley, Anthony Gaitros, Letia Solomon, Alexa Villarreal

When one of the last free children of Junkyard Paradise has her brother stolen away from her, no Ragamuffin army or vicious beasts will stop her from getting him back.
US Narrative Short | Run time: 19:56

Dir./Writer: Jennifer Zhang; Prod: Jennifer Zhang, Gina Su

A lone pilot on a homebound space vessel finds herself trapped in a waking nightmare when her holographic “virtual companion” begins to defy his own programming.
US Narrative Short | Run time: 16:39 LA Premiere

Dir./Writer: Emerson Niemchick

Set in an alternate universe, a young girl wins a free procedure to have every word she has ever spoken available in a script format.
US Narrative Short | Run time: 13:13 World Premiere

Dir: Alexander Thompson; Writer: Nathaniel Hendricks, Alexander Thompson; Prod: Sam Froelich, Isaiah Kang, Alexander Thompson

Vietnam, 1968. A feared American colonel nicknamed “the Black Dragon” by Vietnamese locals must face his inner shadow when his platoon presents him with a captured Vietcong girl who harbors some very unusual powers. A Jungian psychological thriller/parable examining the capacity for monstrous evil lurking within us all, the film is loosely inspired by the My Lai Massacre, one of America’s most pernicious wartime atrocities.
US Narrative Short | Run time: 14:40