The Micheaux Film Festival

2022 Schedule

Friday, July 15th

House of Legends Aud. #2

FULL HOUSE – (11:00 am)

Stories of family – the trials, the drama, the love.

Pieces of a Memory

(Dir./Writer: Kyle Alex Brett; Producer: Tom McLeod, Shweta Katya, Shelley Fort, Trevor Burton)

From the podium of his wife’s funeral, a husband reads a eulogy, recalling the pieces of their forty-year marriage and one of their last afternoons together.

Narrative Short Film | Run time: 6:55

Dear Mama

(Dir. Winter Dunn; Writer: Charmaine Cleveland; Producer: Nicole Mairose Dizon)

The death of Tupac draws different reactions from a father and his artistic daughter, forcing them to confront the emotional aftermath of their own tragedy.

Narrative Short Film | Run time: 13:57

Mechanic’s Rose

(Dir./Writer:  Yucef Mayes; Producer: Craig T. Williams)

A mother, suffering from a terminal illness, escapes hospice care to make a perilous journey across Newark NJ to attend her son’s graduation.

Narrative Short Film | Run time: 14:30

The Lovers Lyfe

(Dir./Producer: Nina Brooks)

The Lovers Lyfe is based on a true story that shows no matter how long or how far apart if its meant to be, it will be. 

Web Series | Run time: 22:00

Intended Parents

(Dir. Jabari Redd, Dr. Louis Deon Jones; Writer: Dr. Louis Deon Jones; Producer: Dr. Louis Deon Jones, Taylor Byron Barr, Andre Davis, Zane Jones, Dario Harris, Jabari Redd, Tori Kay Williams, Joseph Blackwell, Amanda Michelle Smith, Frederick Irvin, Milan Christopher)

Intended Parents is a short film about a Black millennial couple, seeking to expand their family through surrogacy. With one partner identifying as a transgender woman, the couple find themselves continously educating or being imprisoned by outdated traditions and opinions from loved ones.

Narrative Short Film | Run time: 30:00

THE WORLD OVER – (12:45 pm)

Oscar Micheaux once wrote, “We want to see our lives dramatized on the screen as we are living it, the same as other peoples, THE WORLD OVER.”

Stories of Race, Religion, Sexuality, Identity, Socio-Economic Culture and Barriers – all told with truth as we, they, and many are living.


(Dir./Writer: Zarian Hadley; Producer: Brandon Miree)

A tale as old as time itself, ‘Let Me See You Clap’ is a music video that illustrates black love and culture before the stain of the Trans-Atlantic slave trade. It encompasses the sound and sensuality of African culture of past and present.

Music Video | Run time: 7:19

the tides 

(Dir./Writer: Maryam Hajibeigi; Producer: Maryam Hajibeigi, Shayan Ebrahim, Christopher Sheffield)

The tides centers around a young Muslim woman’s identity and her personal sense of belonging. Cutting a piece of thread that’s been a part of her inner fabric for so long and the fears of letting go. 

Narrative Short Film | Run time: 8:22

Copper & Wool

(Dir. Tyler C. Peterson; Writer: Molly Shayna Cohen, Amanda Ferrarese, Susan Lousie O’Connor, Tyler C. Peterson; Producer: Mei Lin Lau Mann)

The week before her Orthodox Jewish wedding, Elisheva escapes to a rented room in the hills outside of Los Angeles to clear her head. While dodging calls from her mother and fiancé, Elisheva begins to form a life-changing bond with Meredith, the eccentric divorcee who owns the house she’s staying in.

Narrative Short Film | Run time: 12:24


(Dir. Jacqueline Chan; Writer: Gene Wang; Producer: ZhiQi Yeo, Benjamin Nobuki Atkins)

Fishbowl follows Natalie Song as she returns home with her childhood friend, Joanne Cheng, to celebrate Chinese New Year at the Cheng household. Navigating festivities that were once inviting but now seem tinged with a foreign animosity, Natalie finds herself trapped between the burgeoning attraction she feels for Joanne and the unnerving attention placed upon them by both their families.

Student Short Film | Run time: 14:54

Egúngún (Masquerade)

(Dir./Writer: Olive Nwosu; Producer: Alex Polunin)

Seeking healing, a woman must return to Lagos, the city of her birth.

Student Short Film | Run time: 13:41


(Dir. David Orantes; Writer/Producer: Duran Jones)

At the age of 16, Malcolm was convicted of reckless homicide. While inside he converted to Islam, and after 7 years he is released. Now 23 years old, with no diploma, no work history, and no place to go, he returns to his childhood home seeking the forgiveness of his Mother.

Student Short Film | Run time: 23:39


Stories of those who live loudly, both young and old. 

Thermo Fisher Scientific: Power of Research

(Dir. Rippin Sindher; Producer: Gurinder Sindher)

This campaign is a reflection of that tenacity and commitment to thinking outside of the box by bridging science with dance and art. To elevate the artistic vision, the entire spot was done as a one-shot (a reflection of the power as one we have worldwide to come together and make change).

Commercial Spot | Run time: 1:28

Book Heckler 

(Dir. Tess Paras; Writer: Laurie Majers, Eddie Mujica, Lauren Walker, Calvin Seabrooks, Glo Tavarez; Producer: Eddie Mujica)

An unwelcome guest, who thinks she knows best, attends a book reading.

Narrative Short Film | Run time: 3:58

Wish Upon A Disco Ball

(Dir./Writer: Anabel Iñigo; Producer: Rachel Bridget Allen, Danielle Mullins, Alissa Nguyễn)

A disco musical about two Afro-Latina sisters who find out what it means to grow up – and how that doesn’t mean growing apart.

Student Short Film | Run time: 19:14

The Whippersnappers

Dir./Writer: Ryan Cole; Producer: Raiquel Brown, Ryan Cole)

Withering away in the Germantown nursing home, The Oldheads grow tired of the same routine. One day, OG’s grandson, Chauncey, visits and gifts his elders with a smartphone. This smartphone has the power to make their greatest dream come true; to become young again, thus… The Whippersnappers are born!

Animated Short Film | Run time: 5:00

The Lifted

(Dir. Shayla Racquel; Writer: TJ Ali; Producer: TJ Ali, Jayce Baron, Tre Wesley)

Inspired by the cultural awakening to dismantle assault against women and conquer their own past trauma, two best friends of over thirty years attempt to rescue a young woman they believe to be in danger in a car share ride. When things take a bad turn, the aunties take matters into their own hands in this short, thrilling adventure.

Narrative Short Film | Run time: 24:00

LOVE, LUST & OTHER DRUGS – (3:30 pm)

Stories of love, romance, obsessions, lust, and passion.


(Dir. Vivian D. Payton; Writer: Summer Payton; Producer: Vivian D. Payton)

A woman gets put in the hot seat and interrogated, only to find out that she is having a nightmare.

Music Video | Run time: 3:53


(Dir./Writer: Chi-Yang Shao; Producer: Winnie Chen, Chi-Yang Shao)

A nervous man, a reserved woman, both seem uneasy about their dinner rendezvous. However, they try to extend this awkward occasion by ordering dishes that will take forever to prepare.

Student Short Film | Run time: 7:57


(Dir. Ashlei Hardenburg-Cartagena; Producer: AJ Mattioli)

BREAK/UP is a queer musical short film following three confidently flawed people who should definitely not be dating.

Musical Short Film | Run time: 10:35

Car Therapy: Uncoupling

(Dir./Writer/Producer: Jennelle Williams)

A college therapist who moonlights as a ride-sharing app driver meets a too turnt lesbian couple with too much tea (and other things!) to spill in the car.

Web Series | Run time: 7:18

The Golden Teacher

(Dir./Writer/Producer: Aryka Randall)

After being triggered by an old memory of a past lover, Koi uses magic mushrooms to cope with residual feelings. New to psychedelics, Koi unknowingly enters an altered reality where their ego is broken down in real time.

Narrative Short Film | Run time: 16:22

The Last Croissant

(Dir./Writer: Jessica Redish; Producer: Jessica Redish, Jeff Fitzgerald)

A woman will do whatever it takes for the last croissant.

Narrative Short Film | Run time: 3:05


(Dir. Elohim Peña; Writer/Producer: Keisha Champagne)

Amid the pandemic, Alexis successfully found her true love despite quarantining alone. Today, for a modern love segment, a TV reporter interviews Alexis about the new long distance romance. 

Narrative Short Film | Run time: 7:45

The Out-Fit

(Dir. Maty Young; Writer: Jessica Rookeward; Producer: Jessica Rookeward, Lee Cohen)

When coming out of the thrift store isn’t all you do. A new coming-of-age queer film follows Emily, a costume-wearing 25-year-old, on her journey through change, love, and discovering one’s self.

Narrative Short Film | Run time: 10:57


(Dir. Angele Cooper; Writer: Jeremy Feight; Producer: Meghana Murthy, Jason M. Cox, Daniel P. Calderon, Chenney Chen, Ramfis Myrthil, AJ Leon, James Jr. Cole, Leslie Williams, Griffin Matthews)

“FEVER” is a psychological thriller that follows Jay, who after a series of violent events, escapes his racist family to embark on a new life with his Black boyfriend, Andre. While taking a pit stop to celebrate Andre’s mother’s 50th birthday, Jay’s mental health unravels as he faces the realities of his interracial relationship and the dangers of his whiteness.

Narrative Short Film | Run time: 19:00

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 6:00 PM
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Location: Legends Lounge 

Regal Cinemas L.A. Live – Mezzanine Level


A twist on the truths that are more frightening than make believe. 

Ivar Tunnel: Shook Ones

(Dir./Writer: Akilah Walker; Producer: Diana Gonzalez-Morett, Leon Pierce Jr., Kejuan “Havoc” Muchita)

Ivar Tunnel: Shook Ones is a darkly comedic social thriller that glimpses into the psyche and isolation of a black woman.

Narrative Short Film | Run time: 9:22

Black Butterflies

(Dir./Writer: Tamara S. Hall; Producer: Kiah Alexandria Clingman, Kayla Magginson)

A woman who’s haunted by the ailing health of her postpartum sister is confronted with a fight to save her sister and ultimately, herself.

Narrative Short Film | Run time: 20:09


(Dir./Writer/Producer: Brad Rundblade)

A day in the life of serial killer Richard Ramirez in Los Angeles circa 1985. 

Narrative Short Film | Run time: 19:02


(Dir. Pokey Spears; Writer: Pokey Spears, Emerson Korum; Producer: Pokey Spears, Eddie Espinoza, Joel Muniz, Shawn Skadburg)

Santino an undocumented immigrant, trapped in Los Angeles by an enterprising criminal, works as a ‘handyman’ at an ‘Anything Goes’ Massage parlor to pay off his debt, but the Decadence of the business, his unstable boss, his family left in Mexico, and an underage girl (Grace) forced into prostitution push him toward violent ends.

Narrative Short Film | Run time: 26:00

Delia’s Gone – (7:45 pm)

Delia’s Gone

(Dir. Robert Budreau)

A convicted man embarks on a journey of violence and redemption to find out the truth about his sister’s death.

Featured Talent: Stephan James, Oscar winner Marisa Tomei, and Paul Walter Hauser


Stories that showcase the bold, the renegade, the unorthodox, the silenced,

the outcasts, and the triumph of those who don’t need to prove their mere existence. 

Under Armour: Thoughts Run Life

(Dir. Sin Wei Lee)

A girl struggles to redirect her life back onto her path of pursuing dream.

Commercial Spot | Run time: 0:58

My Asian

(Dir. Jami Rambera; Writer: Suzen Baraka; Producer: Ayana Baraka)

My Asian is a poetic rallying cry, highlighting the horrific miscarriages of justice that Asian-Americans and Asians in America are, and have historically been subjected to: from day-to-day micro-aggressions to actual acts of violence and terror against members of our community.

Narrative Short Film | Run time: 7:12

A Florida Story

(Dir. Caleb Scott, Jessica Farr; Writer: Caleb Scott, Jessica Farr; Producer: Caleb Scott, Jessica Farr, Gable Stage)

Welcome to Florida, a place where a meth-addicted couple stole a motorized handicap cart from Walmart and drove it down the highway because they didn’t feel like walking to the bar; where a man beat his boyfriend nearly to death with a singing bass fish after arguing about what to have for dinner; where a cemetery groundskeeper called the police because he thought one of the corpses had climbed out of their grave; where the mall Easter Bunny beat the crap out of a kid for bullying another boy; a place where Floridaman and Floridawoman roam free.

Narrative Short Film | Run time: 17:53

On the Line

(Dir. Brianna Devons; Writer: Brianna Devons, Lamar Usher; Producer: Brianna Devons, Lamar Usher, Leon Pierce Jr., Alexis Arago)

With both his career and family on the line, Lamar must decide what he’s willing to lose when the pressure of his career and his family are both on the line.

Narrative Short Film | Run time: 14:44


(Dir. Lovell Holder; Writer: Roger Q. Mason; Producer: Lovell Holder, Roger Q. Mason, Adam Hyndman)

Based on their play “Lavender Men,” playwright-performer Roger Q. Mason explores questions of identity and vicious cycles of addiction in their short film “Taffeta.” As a toxic phone sex relationship spirals out of control, the titular Taffeta must confront whether they will be able to break out of the destructive habits and crippling loneliness that have haunted their life.

Narrative Short Film | Run time: 11:07


(Dir.  Jacqueline Pelczar; Writer: Tina Fielding; Producer: Cody Greenwood)

A 37-year-old woman with down syndrome runs away from home and embarks on a journey from Kalgoorlie to Perth.

Narrative Short Film | Run time: 13:00

Talk Black

(Dir./Writer: Destiny J Macon)

A timid engineer develops a wild and expressive split personality to help her speak up to the boy’s club at work.

Narrative Short Film | Run time: 13:02


(Dir./Writer/Producer: Kevin Ghee)

When confronted with a case of rape, Assistant District Attorney must struggle with her bias to determine whether she’ll charge the woman. She enlisted her friends to help her make the decision.

Narrative Short Film | Run time: 15:33

House of Legends Aud. #3

THE DILEMMA – (11:00 am)

Stories of people solving (or creating) problems. 


(Dir. Tess Paras; Writer: Austin Antoine, Calvin Seabrooks; Producer: Eddie Mujica)

Austin is invited to his first ever brunch, and his world is changed forever.

Narrative Short Film | Run time: 3:12


(Dir. Emerson Niemchick; Writer/Producer: Julie Phillips)

Jenn and Eddie are two friends navigating dating, social media and political correctness in a pandemic.

Web Series | Run time: 4:00

Party Podcast

(Dir. Tess Paras; Writer: Lauren Walker, Laurie Majers, Calvin Seabrooks; Producer: Eddie Mujica)

A bride records a podcast episode during her bachelorette party.

Narrative Short Film | Run time: 3:59

Roger, Espionager

(Dir. Brooke Jaye Taylor; Writer: Matthew Cornwell, Brian Chapman; Producer: Matthew Cornwell, Ray Wood)

When recruits from an abandoned 1980s covert training program start showing up dead, the CIA rushes to save the program’s most promising trainee.

Narrative Feature Film | Run time: 58:21


Strap in for a wild ride of vengeance, revenge and going to extremes. 

Jared Was Here

(Dir. Satie Gossett; Writer: Kamala Lane; Producer: Kamala Lane, Keturah Hamilton)

When a narcissistic businesswoman commits a hit-and-run crime, strange occurrences and faces haunt her – all in the name of the victim.

Narrative Short Film | Run time: 14:55

Summa Culpa Laude

(Dir./Writer: Echo Nguyen; Producer: Olly Landreth)

A perfectionist high schooler strives to be valedictorian, but when her rival takes the top ranking, she devises a scheme to seize the number one spot.

Narrative Short Film | Run time: 18:03

The Fourth

(Dir./Writer: Johnny Kirk; Producer: Jason Chau, Mario Smith)

Eager to celebrate the 4th of July, a group of young black and Latino friends experience a police encounter that shatters the meaning of the holiday. Based on real-life incidents, the story examines the trauma of being in the shoes of the young men stopped.

Narrative Short Film | Run time: 11:45


(Dir. Hisonni Mustafa; Writer: Hisonni Mustafa, Lizette Hunter; Producer: Hisonni Mustafa, Lizette Hunter, Justin Melson, Champ Robinson, Jessy Bermudez)

After recently being released from prison, Daniella learns that her little sister has been abused at the hands of her stepfather and has to decide if her duty to protect her sister is more important than freedom.

Narrative Short Film | Run time: 12:26

The Well

(Dir./Writer: Gerald “Bam” Whaley; Producer: Jaime Zevallos)

The Well is a story of 17 year old Tasha Fields who is fighting for her life, caught in the middle of a deadly domestic dispute between her parents.

Narrative Short Film | Run time: 14:55

TRUE STATES – (1:40 pm)

Stories that showcase the reality of family matters spanning culture,

and the many true states familial relationships exist in.  


(Dir. Stephanie Osuna-Hernandez; Writer: Gerardo Maravilla; Producer: Evelyn Angelica Martinez, Mireia Vilanova)

On the Friday before Halloween, Martin, a Mexican-American rocker dude, feels like celebrating. He’s getting ready to finally move out and has plans to carve pumpkins with his new love, Lynn, a Filipina rocker girl, but at the last minute, Lynn asks to change their date to his place, sending Martin into a panic.

Narrative Short Film | Run time: 14:51

Moose Tracks 

(Dir. Ayanna McKnight; Writer: McKenzi Vanderberg; Producer: Chelsea Patricia Ramírez, Joon Cho)

On the night after his wife’s funeral, a newly widowed father must help his teenage daughter when she gets her first period.

Narrative Short Film | Run time: 13:26


(Dir. Tiffany Frances; Writer: Kimberlee Kidd; Producer: Matthew Keene Smith, Wenjie Kong)

On the day of her daughter’s seventh birthday party, a long-suffering caretaker finds herself in a dark and uninhibited situation.

Narrative Short Film | Run time: 10:15

Over My Dead Body

(Dir./Writer/Producer: Meital Cohen Navarro)

When a young Jewish Persian-American woman tells her parents that her fiancé is Muslim, they make her choose between him and them.

Narrative Short Film | Run time: 24:59

Last Name Unknown

(Dir./Writer: Dui Jarrod; Producer: Kevin “Coach K” Lee, Pierre “Pee” Thomas, Christopher Hicks, Dui Jarrod, David Blackman)

Last Name Unknown is a dramatic series that examines the gripping reality of the growing youth homelessness crisis; as it follows several residents of the Beyond Hope Youth Shelter’s harsh, yet hopeful lives of beating the odds, finding their place in society, and living their distant dreams.

Web Series | Run time: 28:17

CHEAUXTIME – (3:25 pm)

A compilation of stories from #MicheauxAlum


(Dir. Paul Michael Bair; Writer: Paul Michael Bair, Samuel Radford; Producer: Paul Michael Bair, Sam Radford)

Music Video | Run time: 5:46


(Dir. Jared Milrad; Writer: Jared Milrad, Nathan Johnson; Producer: Jared Milrad)

On the night of their gender reveal party for twins on the way, Taylor and Alex Armstrong have a few big surprises to share with the world.

Narrative Short Film | Run time: 19:13


(Dir./Writer: Nicole Mairose Dizon; Producer: Nicole Mairose Dizon, Loren Maxine)

After an insecure folk artist seeks out skin whitening cream to cope with everyday life, she must race to reverse its terrifying supernatural side effects.

Narrative Short Film | Run time: 7:30

Broken Drawer 

(Dir. Rippin Sindher; Writer: Matthew Gamarra; Producer: Gurinder Sindher, Rippin Sindher)

In order to continue living, a broken man must confront childhood trauma buried deep inside a family heirloom. Inspired by true events, Broken Drawer explores the power of love and letting go.

Narrative Short Film | Run time: 14:20


(Dir. Eric Dickens; Writer: Clint Coley, Lauren Chanel Allen; Producer: Clint Coley, Monica Boyd)

Parents is the story of Isaiah and Alanna who have both given up on the idea of love and marriage and decide, “Shoot, why not just have kids together since we’ll never find love.” 

Narrative Short Film | Run time: 25:17

How to Do Sh!t with Guido Gagootz

(Dir. Adriano Valentini; Writer: Adriano Valentini, Sandro Iocolano)

Watch Guido Gaguzzi show you how to do sh!t!

Web Series | Run Time: 10:00

Happy Hour Break

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 6:00 PM
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Location: Legends Lounge 

Regal Cinemas L.A. Live – Mezzanine Level


Whether internal or external, we all have demons to fight and skeletons in the closet. 

Izzy’s Demons

(Dir./Writer: Greg Garay; Producer: Jumai Yusuf, Alexa Velasquez)

Izzy is a person who struggles with the decision to reconnect with an old friend. As she gives into her jealousy for her friend’s success, she makes a decision that her subconscious does not let her get away with so easy.

Animated Short Film | Run time: 6:58

Ting Tang

(Dir. Jasmine T.Q. McLaurin; Writer: Mimi A. F. Newman; Producer: Kent Booze Jr., Jasmine T.Q. McLaurin)

Grief has overcome once-lovers Wesley and Vaughna. The stark difference in their coping mechanisms causes them to lose everything between them.

Narrative Short Film | Run time: 12:59

Dr. West’s Fervor

(Dir./Writer: Maria Katre Osler; Producer: Kenneth Mosley)

When Dr. Anthony West, a quirky psychiatrist meets Rose, an awkward patient who suffers from a mysterious mental illness, he’s forced to face his own cloistered demons of self-reluctance.

Narrative Short Film | Run time: 12:37

7 Sharp

(Dir./Writer: LaCora Stephens; Producer: LaCora Stephens, Madalyn Lawson, Darin Craddolph)

After discovering a deeply sinister family secret, a domineering grandmother, and her passive daughter, must make a difficult decision.

Narrative Short Film | Run time: 14:18

No Church in the Wild: Act 2

(Dir. Richmond Obeng; Writer: Bree Hemphill; Producer: Richmond Obeng, Erika Kelley, Bree Hemphill)

Leslie Wagner-Wilson, trapped in Jonestown, a controlling, destitute settlement run by an increasingly manic Jim Jones, has grown increasingly disillusioned. Leslie’s husband Joe however, has risen through the ranks of the People’s Temple cult and, despite knowing of his wife’s unhappiness, is determined to keep her and their son in Jonestown.

Narrative Short Film | Run time: 14:35

The Pulpit: The Prelude

(Dir./Writer: Tosin Morohunfola; Producer: Sam Findlay, Lydia Anderson, Kevin Willmott)

When a progressive, midwestern pastor’s life is threatened by extremists, she must answer to a gang of interrogating FBI Agents as she reels from the trauma of terrorism.

Narrative Short Film | Run time: 9:14


Stories of adventures and achievements, and the comedy that can ensue. 

Martha’s Journey

(Dir. Dritter.Akt, Alexander Weber, Victor Jim Moye-Noza; Writer: Dritter.Akt; Producer: Dritter.Akt)

The University of Applied Sciences St. Pölten is a creative safe space to try out new things, experience different concepts and challenge yourself. You can only create something truly personal and unique if you believe in yourself and your own ideas.

Commercial Spot | Run time: 2:05

The Adventures of Rashaad in Real Estate

(Dir./Writer: Knoa Knapper; Producer: Knoa Knapper, Josh Beal, Bryan Nest)

The Adventures of Rashaad in Real Estate is a comedy set in the absurd, cutthroat, high stakes world of Los Angeles realty. It centers on Rashaad, a rookie realtor, wading through this strange profession. 

Web Series | Run time: 6:35

How to End A Conversation

(Dir. Gregory J.M. Kasunich; Writer: ​​Phillip Musumechi, Jerry Spears; Producer: Phillip Musumechi, Gregory J.M. Kasunich)

A heartbroken man, unable to stop calling his EX, reluctantly enlist a therapist to help him lift the weight of his past relationship off of his shoulders…literally.

Narrative Short Film | Run time: 7:30


(Dir. Bobby Yan; Writer: Bobby Yan, Brent Lewis; Producer: KarynRose Bruyning)

Covering one year of the 2020 pandemic, a successful young Asian American struggles to navigate life during the lockdown.

Narrative Short Film | Run time: 11:59


(Dir. Vanna James; Writer: Bria Samoné Henderson; Producer: Bria Samoné Henderson, Vanna James, Jillian Macklin, Calvin R.L. Walker)

Virginality is an episodic series that chronicles the story of Jade Michelle Mason, a 30-ish overtly religious, single virgin who navigates adulthood with her millennial friends while finding her power in identity through her career and her untouched sexuality. 

Web Series | Run time: 23:15


(Dir. Traci Hays; Writer: Nicole Stuart; Producer: Caitlin Renee Campbell)

A 40-year-old actress , refuses to give up her dream of “making it,” in Hollywood, but 20 years later, she won’t face the reality, that age and how many followers you have, dictates the rules for talent and and when she lands her big break, she struggles to tell the truth, when casting demands to know her “real age,” before they’ll hire her for the role.

Narrative Short Film | Run time: 24:51


All’s fair in love and war… but is it really? 


(Dir. Andres; Producer: AndresFilms, Tiago Vega)

“Go” is an energetic single that gives fans a glimpse into Tiago Vega’s new EP that blends afrobeat, electro-pop, and hip hop. Although the track details Tiago’s frustrations with his relationship, the accompanying music video takes viewers on a romantic adventure through Acapulco, Mexico.

Music Video | Run time: 3:13


(Dir. Brandi Nicole, Jen West; Writer: Brandi Nicole; Producer: Brandi Nicole, Anthony J. Davis, Wayne Hawkins, Valarie Patterson, David Rizzo)

A happy-go-lucky baker is thrown for a loop after an unexpected run-in at work.

Narrative Short Film | Run time: 9:58

Meet Your Match

(Dir. Zandras L. Spivey Jr; Writer: Tom Batt, Zandras L. Spivey Jr; Producer: Keith Hogan, Zandras L. Spivey Jr)

Meet your match is a story of a woman who cleverly lures in a persistent stalker into thinking that she will be his next victim.

But the tables swiftly turn when he realizes the trick is on him.

Narrative Short Film | Run time: 16:47

Last Night

(Dir. Sierra Nowak; Writer: Tai French)

A modern day coming-of-age love story.

Narrative Short Film | Run time: 6:59

Robyn Hood

(Dir. NEEN.; Writer: Shayla Racquel; Producer: Moon Lee Ferguson)

A sultry succubus steals the belongings of unsuspecting men to quench her insatiable thirst for their souls. 

Narrative Short Film | Run time: 20:56


(Dir. Sade Sellers; Writer: Aiah Samba; Producer: Katisha Sargeant, Dawn Aneada)

When a high-class businessman and a jaded sex worker find themselves together for a night, they realize that they need each other for more reasons than one.

Narrative Short Film | Run time: 28:48

AINT I A WOMAN – (10:50 pm)

Stories of Black femininity and the different experiences it encapsulates. 


(Dir. PAX&Q; Producer: Marlon Barrow, KC Whitney)

In today’s age there are many people pretending on the internet. However in real life more often than not, there are consequences sooner or later.

Music Video | Run time: 3:35


(Dir./Writer/Producer: Maryam Farahzadi)

Blue is a short film about the struggle of being different.

Animated Student Short Film | Run time: 4:00


(Dir./Writer: Nina Lee; Producer: Lena Waithe)

Billie Thomas is a lonely teenage painter who is longing for a friend and finds one in an unlikely person.

Narrative Short Film | Run time: 12:00


(Dir./Writer: Alex Ubokudom; Producer: Kaliswa Brewster)

Pagliacci is a film that follows Justine Jennings, a conservative news pundit, and asks what is the price of selling out in America, when being Black already costs.

Narrative Short Film | Run time: 9:27

The 5th of April

(Dir. Michael Foster; Writer: Elinor McKenzie; Producer: Elinor McKenzie, Ghadir Mounib, Devin Michelle Bunten)

When a capable and hardworking young Black woman seeks advancement in her corporate career, she comes face-to-face with the gender and racial biases of her workplace. All the while, a broader climate of hate continues to grow.

Narrative Short Film | Run time: 13:22

410 Stamped

(Dir./Writer: Nicole Taylor-Roberts; Producer: Elegance Bratton, Chester Argenal Gordon, Tiffany Q, Danile Ornitz, Jean Elie, Danile Farris (D. Smoke), Kimberly J)

A young singer, Rashida, finds the magic of her voice on one wild night.

Narrative Short Film | Run time: 17:17

Mixed Girl

(Dir. Josiane Des Gray Desir; Writer: Josiane Des Gray Desir, Nikki Carter; Producer: Josiane Des Gray Desir, Joslyn Jahsi Vance, Yandy Smith)

Raised in a small racially divided town, Leslie, a white alcoholic, drug-addicted and vicious teenage mother falls for James, an African-American college student she meets at a fraternity party. Unbeknownst to James, she becomes pregnant and gives birth to a biracial baby girl.

Narrative Short Film | Run time: 34:30