2022 Schedule

Thursday, July 14th

House of Legends Aud. #2

LET’S START A DIALOGUE – (11:00 am) 

A mixture of digital talks and interviews that give us an intimate look into new worlds, and shorts that pose interesting questions worth a conversation.

Rewriting Hollywood 

(Dir./Writer/Producer: Jared Milrad)

With the help of special guest hosts along the way, Jared interviews directors, writers, actors, producers and other changemaking creatives who are breaking barriers and overcoming adversity to have their stories told and voices heard. Join the conversation on Rewriting Hollywood to empower inclusive, impactful storytellers and harness the power of story for good.

Digital Talk | Run time: 4:12


(Dir. Brandon Dottin-Haley, Blair Dottin-Haley; Producer: Brandon Dottin-Haley)

The #BLAIRISMS goes live from Xavier University of Louisiana with journalist, producer and media icon, Soledad O’Brien to talk about her journey as a Black woman in media, her legacy and what she hopes for the rising generation of content creators.

Digital Talk | Run time: 10:00

Black in Hollywood 

(Dir. Brandon Miree)

‘Black in Hollywood,’ is a docu-series that celebrates Black Excellence in the lives of creatives living and working in Hollywood. In an interview format, it aims to explore misconceived notions of working in the industry, the intersectionality of ‘blackness’ in film and television, and the ups and downs of their unique journeys.

Digital Talk | Run time: 22:00

What Do You Do?! 

(Dir./Producer: Christian Henley)

What Do You Do?! is a non-scripted interview-style program. Our host, Christian, meets with guests to discuss their careers and the paths that led them there.

Digital Talk | Run time: 14:07

ORIGINS & ODYSSEY – (12:25 pm)

Origin stories, reflections, and journeys taken…


(Dir. Jia Zhao; Producer: Jiali Ding)

A poet travels through landscapes that are like poems and paintings, understanding his dreams and looking for his transcendence.

Music Video | Run time: 4:26

Picture This…

(Dir. Matt Winters; Writer: Matt Winters, Andrew Essig; Producer: Ken Gregory, JIG Reel Studios)

When Jay, a quirky Hollywood talent manager’s number one client, Rita pays him an unexpected visit to his office to fire him, he pulls out ALL the stops to keep her from doing that.

Narrative Short Film | Run time: 9:52

Sebari Milach 

(Dir./Writer/Producer: Lethabo Mmakgomo Mokgatle)

Sebari Milach is an awareness film aimed to show the dark ritualistic practices of female circumcision illegally practiced in Africa. This film touches on a true story about a young Ethiopian girl who gets tricked by her mother into getting circumcised at a ritual purification ceremony shortly after her sister passed away from the same practice.

Student Short Film | Run time: 14:15

Heart of the Hinterlands 

(Dir./Writer: Camila Martins; Producer: Camila Martins, Daniel Edmundson)

On the lead up to Carnaval, a group of fearless women in the Brazilian hinterlands defy convention and challenge the male-dominated role- playing tradition of Maracatu by forming the world’s first all-female troupe.
Documentary Short Film | Run time: 23:00

UNSUNG HEROES – (1:40 pm)

A look into the stories of the pandemic’s unsung heroes. 

2020 Year of the Nurse

(Dir. Don Juan, ROBYN Y Roots; Writer: ROBYN Y Roots, Tray Chaney; Producer: Knottyland Music)

This song salutes and acknowledges nurses for a job well done during the biggest pandemic in history.

Music Video | Run time: 3:24

2020 Year of the Nurse

(Dir. Robyn Jones; Writer: Robyn Jones, William Roebuck; Producer: Robyn Jones, William Roebuck, Christopher Roots)

2020 Year of the Nurse is a documentary about Black nurses and practitioners in Virginia, New York, and other cities across the country. This project provides insight into how they fought to save lives from the devastating effects of Covid-19.

Documentary Feature Film | Run time: 1:21:42

BLACK MAGIC – (3:25 pm)

Highlighting films with magic, mysticism, and supernatural (and super-powerful) created by and/or told through the lens of Black filmmakers and artists.


(Dir./Writer: Nesib Shamah; Producer: Sarah Crowe, Tifa Tomb, Jennessa West)

Athena Barnes is interrogated by Detective Ray Sanger in a small town police precinct. Alone together, Athena uses her special abilities to reveal the real reason she is in this place with Ray and take him on a journey that will only end when she achieves her main goal: revenge for the wrongful death of Gil Landry.

Narrative Short Film | Run time: 10:45

The Mason Ring

(Dir./Writer: Terry Dawson; Producer: Fiona Hardingham, Nicole Mairose Dizon)

It’s a late summer night in South Los Angeles, and teenage brothers EARL and ANTOINE are making a rather unusual late-night drop. On the eve of their GRANDFATHER’s funeral, they’re tasked with delivering his MASON RING to the funeral home in a last-ditch effort to get it on his finger before the service the following morning.

Narrative Short Film | Run time: 15:06

Super Dilemma  

(Dir. Chase Yi; Writer: Faviola Rivas, Arthur J Davis; Producer: Doyan Artist, TK Richardson, Arthur J Davis)

Roommates after a long day of work, discover maybe life isn’t as simple as sharing Mom’s lasagna.

Narrative Short Film | Run time: 10:39


(Dir./Writer: Ebony Blanding; Producer: Phoebe Brown, Brandon Puncho Williams)

When a tween mermaid enthusiast discovers an ailing water creature, she uses a magical wish to change the fate of their existence…and her own. JORDAN engages the genre of fantasy and cli-fi (climate fiction) to shape a fairytale where everyone has agency and representation.

Narrative Short Film | Run time: 19:32

Crystal & Chelsea 

(Dir. Charlotte Kennett; Writer: Camille Corbett, Khiyon Hursey; Producer: Camille Corbett, Miranda Pancheco)

Crystal and Chelsea is a half-hour comedy series about Crystal, a psychic that scams white women into being less racist, learning how to navigate a friendship with her roommate, Chelsea, a white woman set on having the “Pinterest perfect” life. 

Web Series | Run time: 25:00

RISE UP – (5:15 pm)

The moment of change that ignites the path forward, forever affected by the events which sparked it.


(Dir./Writer: Nicolas P. Villarreal; Producer: Nicolas P. Villarreal, Alessandro Squitti)

Endless distractions threaten to destroy creativity.

Animated Short Film | Run time: 7:00

Wish Hill

(Dir./Writer/Producer: Aleah Marrow)

Kaden and Damon find their childhood wearied amidst the pandemic. As quarantine fatigue sets in, Kaden becomes increasingly aware that the new normal is capricious.

Narrative Short Film | Run time: 8:17

Illegitimate Voice 

(Dir. Taylor Bazile, Will Casse, Uma Chatterjee,, Ashley Clark, Victoria Cruell, Pedro Edmond, Stefie Gan, Kacey Layson, Oscar Li, Guilia Pan, Aaron Parris, Rachel Priebe, Ashley Lynn Raymer, Maria “Lupita” Roa, Lau Rodriguez, Armando Sepulveda Mendoza; Writer: Stefie Gan)

Stefie Gan moved to the United States from Malaysia as a child. In this animated documentary, she recounts her experiences with culture shock, racism, and ultimately activism.

Animated Documentary Short Film | Run time: 4:53


Dir. Breton Tyner-Bryan 

DELUSIONE is an examination of dissociation, as a means for survival and manipulation. Fueled by lust and love, one’s reality is ultimately designed by one’s desires, leading to a mirage of illusion.

Narrative Short | Run time: 7:00


(Dir.  James Anthony; Writer/Producer: Bethel Dixon)

HERE follows the journey of a young first generation African American girl named Meskerem, who encounters cultural bias on her first day of middle school and learns to stand strong through the support of her immigrant mother.

Narrative Short Film | Run time: 13:37

Road Dogs

(Dir./Writer: Victoria Peralto Cruz; Producer: Marc Novak)

Three teen foster girls – Kid, Anna, and Jules – all have reasons for hating their group home. Kid plots their escape to go in search of her biological mother, in hope of finding “home.”

Narrative Short Film | Run time: 23:04

Something in the Clouds

(Dir. Josh Sikkema, Johnny Ray; Writer: Johnny Ray; Producer: Thomas Blunt, Johnny Ray)

A fourteen-year old boy witnesses his neighbor get abducted across the street. A moment of bravery to save her will test his courage on the bike ride of his life.

Narrative Short Film | Run time: 12:53

ANCESTORS & GADGETS – (6:40 pm) 

Stories of technology and change, and what those who come before have to say about it. 

Thermo Fisher Scientific: Think Outside of the Boxx 

(Dir. Rippin Sindher; Producer: Gurinder Sindher)

As a world leader in serving science, Thermo Fisher Scientific played a pivotal role globally and was at the heart of the response to Covid-19, working with government agencies and researchers to ensure priority access to instruments and thinking outside of the box.

Commercial Spot | Run time: 1:28

Who are you?

(Dir./Writer: Maggie Wong, Producer: Meghana Murthy)

Told exclusively through hands, ‘who are you?’ shares the story of two elderly lovers who meet for the first time. It isn’t long before they learn their time together is limited.

Music Video | Run time: 3:13


(Dir./Writer: Jahmil Eady; Producer: Selena Leoni)

A woman attempts to immortalize her dying grandfather using virtual reality technology, but her obsession with documenting drives a wedge between them.

Student Short Film | Run time: 10:40


(Dir. Bernadette Speakes; Writer: Yolanda T. Ross; Producer: Sharar Ali-Speakes, Bernadette Speakes)

Stevie, a dark skinned “color obsessed” black woman, buys a “beauty cream,” which unlocks an evil ancestral spirit, whose power grows from her darkest fears.

Narrative Short Film | Run time: 9:47

Color Your World

(Dir. Bailey Ardies)

Narrative Short Film | Run time: 16:49


(Dir./Writer: LaVarro Jones, Producer: LaVarro Jones, Phakiso Collins, Tamala Baldwin, Ian Grant)

When Myles inherits a watch that gives him the power to teleport, he begins to discover the mystery behind his father’s untimely death.

Narrative Short Film | Run time: 24:00


6:30 PM

Location: Chase Bank Lounge 

1200 S. Figueroa St Ste 100, Los Angeles, CA 90015