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A collection of stories featuring those who are battling mental health, grief and addiction. Sometimes you’ve just got to talk it out…

Dir./Writer: Melissa Kong; Prod: Grace Hahn

After her father’s death, a young woman’s obsessive-compulsive disorder spirals out of control. She enters an intensive therapy program, where she must learn to deal with his death and OCD before it takes over her life.
US Narrative Short | Run time: 12:11

Dir./Writer: Monet Ravenell; Prod: Monet Ravenell, Ino Yang Popper

After her stay at a mental hospital must come to an end, a defiant psyche patient is determined to do everything possible to stay locked up and avoid The Outside.
US Narrative Short | Run time: 10:00

Dir: Audie C Silcott; Writer: Jeffrey Creightney; Prod: Jeffrey Creightney, Audie Silcott, Taeshia Agyemang

Stuck in a never ending cycle of addiction, Maxwell must find a way out before it’s too late.
US Narrative Short | Run time: 15:23 World Premiere

Dir: Julian Morales, Writer: Julian Morales, Carolina Speroterra; Prod: Diliana Alexander, Vanessa Morales, Julian Morales

A psychologically tormented Assassin looks for a way to end her suffering.
US Narrative Short | Run time: 15:33

Dir./Writer/Producer: Brandon Joseph Ruffin

A man, isolated to his home, begins to lose his grip on reality while left alone with his grief. His denial of reality begins to distort and misshape the world around and as well as the world within him.
US Narrative Short | Run time: 14:57 World/LA Premiere

Dir: Bridgett Ladd; Writer: Bridgett Ladd, Andria Chappell; Prod: Sheridan Randolph, Andria Chappell, Larry Person

A young woman battling depression after the death of her mother and surviving a car crash. She feels anxiety is taking over her life. But with the support of a close friend and her sister. She will fight through her fears and not suffer in silence.
US Narrative Short | Run time: 22:08 LA Premiere

A collection of stories of those who finally decide to choose themselves, and the journey it takes to arrive at that conclusion.

Dir./Writer: George Kostopoulos, Prod: Ramfis Myrthil

Professor Johnson, a college poetry professor, lectures his students on a poem by Rumi. When class finishes, one of the students, Olivia, approaches the professor with a question about the poem. This leads into a romantic fantasy musical sequence. Conflict arises soon after when Dean Cox and his secretary, Miss Flannigan, accuse Professor Johnson of exploiting Olivia.
US Student Short | Run time: 19:18 World Premiere

Dir./Writer/Producer: Joey Medina

A caucasian man is nervous to meet his Mexican girlfriend’s parents for the first time.
US Narrative Short | Run time: 3:43 World Premiere

Dir: Molly Rose Heller; Writer: Taylor Steele; Prod: Isabel Lopez, CNT Productions

eXcape is the story of two queer Black women on the heels of a break-up that mysteriously turns into a game of “Escape the Room.” They are then forced to relive key moments from their relationship if they ever want to leave their once-shared apartment.
US Narrative Short | Run time: 13:12 LA Premiere

Dir./Writer: Nicole Collins; Prod: The Dark Brothers, Jasmine B. Johnson, Nicole Collins

Loyalty versus self-preservation becomes vital when ex-lovers find themselves in a chance encounter. Will they revisit the past or unburden themselves of the remnants of their destructive relationship?
US Narrative Short | Run time: 18:30 LA/World Premiere

Dir./Writer: Jee Hoon (Fred) Seo, Prod: Yiwen (Jessica) Qian, Caroline Melchi, Nic Leblanc, Maria Quezada

Tae, 20, an international architecture student, longs to be with his 30-year-old girlfriend, Joo Hee, in Seoul. But when she pushes him to find a job in America, he befriends a classmate named Nala. Only after having a fling with Nala, does Tae realize who his buildings are truly designed for. But by the time he decides to return to Korea, Joo Hee fears that Tae no longer needs her anymore.
US Student Short | Run time: 15:00 LA Premiere

Dir./Writer: Oluwatoyin Giwa; Prod:Tiffany Campbell, Oluwatoyin Giwa, Desiree Vasquez

Ryann has been blessed with everything she’s prayed for. However, on her 30th birthday, she only wishes for one thing…
US Narrative Short | Run time: 20:00 World Premiere

A collection of stories of those who work hard to overcome the roadblocks in their lives – caring for family members and creating paths that aren’t often tread.

Dir: Jody Xiong, Writer: Zhang Yimou, Prod: Li Zhiwei, Yao Guoqing

For the opening ceremony of the 2022 Winter Paralympic held at the bird’s nest in Beijing , Chinese artist Jody Xiong was invited by Chief Director Zhang Yimou to create a technologically-powered art installation called ‘The Bloom’. The project brought together 12 disabled people around an 8-meter wide, circular canvas to create a colorful smiley face by detonating paint-filled balloons using the power of their minds. It is a tech and art experiment, an expression of the strength of the disabled. This short film really records the process of the experiment.
Commercial Spots | Run time: 4:59 China

Dir: Akilah Walker; Writer: Diana Gonzalez-Morett; Prod: Akilah Walker, Diana Gonzalez-Morett, Camila Villanueva

‘Pedacito de Carne’ is a drama that follows Sandra, a young millennial caregiver for her mother, Antonia who is living with Frontotemporal Degeneration, a rare form of dementia. The disease is quickly progressing and both women have to adjust, grieve and cope with the awkwardness and helplessness of their new roles.

US Narrative Short | Run time: 17:00

Dir./Writer: Cetre; Prod: Cetre, Tremayne Johnson, Mario Jackson

A young woman cares for her special needs twin brother where at times it can be a difficult challenge.
US Narrative Short | Run time: 11:01 World premiere

Dir: Sam Solomon, Goldmond Fong; Writer: Sam Solomon; Prod: Benjamin Bradley Gilbert, Sam Solomon, Goldmond Fong

When the regularly scheduled nurse from a local caregiving agency doesn’t show up for work, imaginative 10 year old Elijah acts on the chance to spend a day alone with his mother who is a wheelchair user. After a brief argument in the afternoon, Elijah wakes up to find his mom’s demeanor different, excited to play games with her son. But is it too good to be true?
US Narrative Short | Run time: 15:00 World Premiere

Dir/Producer: Emmitt Thrower

Logline: We examine the work of four disabled musical and film artists living with Cerebral Palsy and SMA (Spinal Muscle Atrophy) who are helping to lead the movement that is advocating for inclusion of more disabled artists in the music, film and entertainment industries. Their extraordinary talents are showcased for all to see. Their advocacy work for disability inclusion leads them on a difficult path demanding more access for disabled creators. They use their creative gifts to make their statements and to move their work forward. We showcase their talents and messages in this film produced and directed by disabled filmmaker Emmitt H Thrower.
Short Plus | Runtime: 29:00 Premiere Status: Unsure of LA Premiere status

A collection of stories featuring the many different dynamics that come with that special word: family.

Dir./Writer: Samantha Aldana; Prod: Fabiola Andrade

Beulah has almost given up. Her mother, Lottie, is so sick she won’t eat, the sore on Lottie’s arm is getting worse, and their farm can’t keep up with the pile of medical bills. One day, a meteor falls from the sky and lands in their fields. When Beulah goes to investigate, she finds a strange creature—a tall and beautiful thing—dead in the crater.
US Narrative Short | Run time: 7:18 LA premiere Feature Talent: Betsy Borrego

Director: Sylvia Ray Writer: eP Cho Producer: eP Cho, Chantal Casutt, Tracy Clifton

Logline: After Jin meets not only his father but also unknown family members for the first time, everything becomes confused and chaotic.
Digital Web Series | Runtime: 11:28

Dir/Writer/Prod: Tiffany Bliss Brown

Logline: In the very short span of six days, a hardworking, loving, fiercely devoted son must come to terms with the pain and finality of losing his beloved mother to Alzheimer’s disease while struggling through the feelings he has for the newly hired nurse he employed to be her nighttime caretaker.
Short Plus | Runtime: 36:03 Premiere Status: LA Premiere

Director: Donald Conley Producer: Tiffany Jackman, Darious Clark Monroe, Kendra Chanae Chapman

Logline: Matriarch is an experimental short documentary celebrating the legacy of elderly motherhood from the perspective of the filmmaker’s grandmothers, two Southern Black women hoping to maintain their independence during what could potentially be the final year of their lives.
Short Plus | Runtime: 29:10 Premiere Status: Unsure about LA Premiere

A collection of stories of those who handle life changing events and lessons.

Q&A immediately following the screening block at the Filmmaker Sky Lounge

Dir/Writer: Lavado Stubbs

Logline: A black father and his 6 year old son simple bike-riding stroll in their suburban neighborhood turns into a life-changing lesson for the boy.
Int’l Short | Runtime: 8:42 Country: Canada Premiere Status: LA Premiere

Dir/Writer: FREY Dagne Prod: Jelena Nik

Logline: Raine touches on the interesting historical and ongoing dynamic between Ethiopia and Italy. The story focuses on an Ethiopian child who is abandoned by her father at birth only to be brought back, at the age of six, into his destructive world. The events of that day lead Raine to be hunted throughout her life, until she learns to become the hunter.
Int’l Short | Runtime: 12:17 Country: US (Language: Amharic, English, Italian) Premiere Status: Unsure of Premiere status

Dir./Writer/Prod: Korstiaan Vandiver, Dario M. Harris

Imagine coming face to face with your little brother’s killer just a few years after his murder. Ahmad – follows a vibrant six-year-old on his final moments alive and takes you on a turbulent ride as Pierre battles with his next move. This screenplay is based on a true story.
US Narrative Short | Run time: 17:22 LA Premiere

Dir: Grant Housley; Writer: Nehemyah Gray, Nagi Moore, Daniel Williams, Kyrah Dames, Kids In The Spotlight, Inc.; Prod: Tige Charity, Tiffany Thomas, Michele Ly, Justin Dickson, Mike Trainotti, Kim Sparks

Two brothers in the middle of a fight get trapped in a mysterious elevator that reveals to them blood has nothing to do with family.
US Narrative Short | Run time: 16:26 LA Premiere

Dir: Terrence Ivory; Writer: Eddrick Jerome; Prod: 3MEL LLC, Powerhouse Inc. Productions, August Varner Media

A beautiful coming of age story of love and innocence. It’s Saturday night. After Mom & Dad depart for a night of dancing two young brothers discover a long held secret.
US Narrative Short | Run time: 21:06

A collection of stories featuring those who let their passion drive them, for better or for worse. Volume 2
Q&A immediately following the screening block at the Filmmaker Sky Lounge

Dir: Lavado Stubbs, Prod: LaToya Hanna- Moxey

André Musgrove is one of the only black male professional underwater cinematographers and photographers in the world. Born and raised in The Bahamas, he worked on a variety of projects both in front and behind the camera with international brands.
Commercial Spots | Run time: 1:50 LA Premiere

Dir: Sam Henderson; Writer: Sam Henderson, Ryan Romine; Prod: Sam Henderson, Ryan Romine, Rachel Jobin

Shot on Black & White 35mm and set in the 60s, BREAK is the story of a young drummer who is looking to calm his nerves in front of two veteran musicians and fulfill his dream of being a drummer in a jazz trio.
US Narrative Short | Run time: 8:45 LA Premiere

Dir./Writer: Frankie Garcés; Prod: Frankie Garcés, Arsenio Castellanos

Isabella Oliveira (Selena: The Series) and Arsenio Castellanos (Snowfall) star in the complicated journey of two Latino-Americans following their dreams despite traditional norms and cultural expectations. You’ll fall in love with this multi-era journey through the Westside that details the long term ramifications of gentrification, the unique outlook of trailblazers, and the tender support of relating to another’s life experience.
US Narrative Short | Run time: 16:30

Dir:Yvette Lu, Leanne Velednitsky; Writer: Leanne Velednitsky; Prod: Arisa Olazabal, Leanne Velednitsky

After her bike is stolen, a heartbroken girl scours Los Angeles in hopes of reuniting with her one true love.
US Narrative Short | Run time: 7:17 LA Premiere

Dir: Michael Malone, Writer: Paul Michael Bair, Prod: Paul Michael Bair, Alec Clawson, Michael Malone, Leo Hutchinson III

On Valentine’s Weekend in Las Vegas, in the year 1996, a new film crew was hired to do Behind The Scenes. Until today, that footage was never released.
US Narrative Short | Run time: 6:32 LA Premiere

Dir: David Mahmoudieh; Writer: Kion Gozi, Juliet Coleman, London Jones, Adrian Cano Tahlaya “Sci” Proud; Prod: Kids In The Spotlight, Inc., Tige Charity, George Lako, Annalea Fiachi

Following a tragic accident, an aspiring musician loses his sight and lust for the “good life” he always dreamed of. Now he must find his way back through the music.
US Narrative Short | Run time: 13:48 LA Premiere

Dir./Writer/Producer: Pavi Lustig

Short film about Enfield Is Prayer, a motorcycle touring outfit based in India, Germany, Greece and Mexico. This film is the venture’s manifesto, packaged in a docu-ad format with stunning aerial and 360 degree camera footage of India and a kicking soundtrack.

Commercial Spot | Run time: 9:00

LA Premiere


Dir./Writer/Producer: Rahwa Asmerom

A former teen-reggae-pop-star turned race scholar is forced to confront the trauma of past fame when pressured to return to the limelight.
US Narrative Short | Run time: 17:00 World Premiere
A collection of stories about boyhood, manhood, and everything in between.

Dir./Writer: Gianfranco Fernández-Ruiz; Prod: Gianfranco Fernández-Ruiz, Santi Naidoo, Ben O’Keefe

Basketball connects Jerome to his long-absent father, though not in the ways he wishes. As he struggles to accept his family’s shortcomings, Jerome questions who he and who he’ll become.
US Narrative Short | Run time: 14:27

Dir/Writer: Ryan Watson; Producer: Marissa Allen, Jessica Rosado

Logline: Seven pledges get the shock of a lifetime when they unknowingly sign up to join secret fraternity of black martial artists at an HBCU in Florida. Most of the pledges go in expecting a severe form of physical and mental hazing that is in line with the stereotypical Greek hazing. Unbeknownst to the pledges, they are attempting to join a fraternity of martial artist who live by a strict code of silence and discipline.
Short Plus | Runtime: 32:00

Dir./Writer: Marquis Moore; Producer: Ryan Handy, Rolando Breathwaite, Toryan Rogers

Jeremiah and CJ who are best friends that grew up together are set on two different paths but sometimes growing up in South Central LA you become the product of your environment and your past and present moments might sometimes effect your future.
US Shorts Plus | Run time: 30:00 LA Premiere

Dir./Writer: Zaire Love; Prod: Charolette Cook, Caitlin Mae Burke, Joyya Baines

SLICE explores how Rico and his homeboys in Memphis, TN find joy by submerging themselves in an original swimming art form of athleticism and creativity called slicing.
US Documentary Short | Run time: 16:30 LA Premiere

A collection of stories that uniquely affect the ladies in your life. Volume 1

Dir./Writer: Eliana Pipes; Prod: Eliana Pipes, Revel Rosa

When Catalina develops a crush on another girl in her Quinceañera court, her fingernails grow at a superhuman pace — a blessing in Black and Latina beauty culture, but a curse for a lesbian (at first glance). A whimsical, intersectional, uplifting coming-of-age story.
US Narrative Short | Run time: 5:00

Dir./Writer: Andressa Back, Prod: Martín Restrepo, Raine Lundy

A woman must invent her boundaries to find a place where she is not a territory to be conquered.
Student Short | Run time: 13:41 World Premiere

Dir: Lynslee Mercado; Writer: A.S

A young woman named Dara falls in love with a woman named Juniper in her dreams, unaware of her true intentions.
US Narrative Short | Run time: 17:18 World Premiere

Dir: Carter Bowden; Writer: Lily Clayton Hansen; Prod: Carter Bowden, Lily Clayton Hansen

After being told she was ordinary, a woman risks everything to create the person she always wanted to be with social media.
US Narrative Short | Run time: 13:45

A collection of stories that focus on the injustices that racism is responsible for creating.

Dir./Writer/Producer: David Reibman

Using images from 27 Black Lives Matter Protests the story of 16 people killed by the police is told along with Poetic context.
US Documentary Short | Run time: 9:43 World Premiere

Dir./Writer: Jasmine Je’toi Williams; Prod: Kayla Skipper

No logline.
US Narrative Short | Run time: 8:17 LA Premiere

Dir./Writer/Producer: Alicia Buckner

No logline.
US Narrative Short | Run time: 8:27 World Premiere

Dir./Writer: Sheran Goodspeed Keyton; Prod: Sheran Goodspeed Keyton, Charles W Bush

You can know someone for years and never really know them. The same holds true for knowing yourself. In a moment’s notice, two lovers realize that “I don’t see color” is simply an unrealistic cliché.
US Narrative Short | Run time: 8:00

Dir: Cutty, LaTrice Amanda Strong; Writer; LaTrice Amanda Strong; Prod: Chad Quinn, LaTrice Amanda Strong

The state of humanity is viewed through the lens of a black boy.
US Narrative Short | Run time: 5:01 World Premiere

Dir./Writer/Producer: Joey Medina

A powerful and gripping story about a white terminally ill businessman who uses racism to force an African American man he never met before to kill him in order for his family to receive his life insurance money.
US Narrative Short | Run time: 12:32 World Premiere

Dir./Writer/Producer: Adetoro Makinde

In the middle of the pandemic, Tyrese Allyene-Davis a disabled Black youth, celebrated his 21st birthday isolated in his NYU dorm room. Bound by his wheelchair and a brick wall facing window, his thoughts began sinking into spaces of despair following the murder of George Floyd. A few months later he watches the documentary film “I Am Not Your Negro” by Raoul Peck and is moved beyond tears by the truth of James Baldwin’s words. With no one to talk to, Tyrese pours his visceral feelings into an audio-only Facebook post, leaving his followers to question his state of mind, and the images behind his words.
US Documentary Short | Run time: 6:12 LA Premiere

A collection of stories of those who are forced to make tough decisions, and must ask themselves if they’re willing to pay the price for success.

Dir: Louis Gomez, Writer: Lentz Louis, Prod: Tracy L Witty

Life Uncertainty is a music video produced by Love of the Arts Foundation and filmed in the Coachella Valley with music written by Lentz Louis, a Haitian Musician and directed by Louis Gomez, a Dominican Director. This production infuses cultures and is Lentz Louis’ debut English video and LOT-A’s first production as a foundation whose mission it is to elevate unrepresented artists.
Music Video | Runtime: 3:33 Premiere Status: LA/World Premiere

Dir/Writer/Prod: Rodrigo Moreno-Fernandez

Penny has her share of demons, and she’s about to take on one more. Despite her inability to play, Penny has big dreams of becoming the world’s greatest axe player. After stealing one from an antique shop, she decides to break it in at the local punk bar she frequents. Things don’t go very well, and Penny ends up face down in the alley after being thrown out by the owner. Defeated, she quickly turns to a familiar vice, shooting smack to ease the pain. As her high subsides, a dark presence approaches her with a proposition: Penny gives up three souls, and all her dreams come true.
Int’l Short | Runtime: 13:00 Premiere Status: LA Premiere

Dir: Razzaaq Boykin, Writer: Razzaaq Boykin, Gem Little, Prod: Gem Little

Accomplished fashion designer Dorian Gray celebrates the five year anniversary of his clothing line ‘The Gray Collection’. He’s waiting for the arrival of Cornelius Black, a famous fashion designer, and Dorian’s career aspiration. Cornelius wants to finalize a deal buying the Gray Collection from Dorian, who has reservations. Sybil Vane, photographer and Dorian’s on again/off again girlfriend, wants to prevent Dorian from selling out. Torn between his dreams and his true love, Dorian is haunted by a transforming portrait that only he can see. Dorian’s biggest night will soon become his worst.
Student Short | Runtime: 18:17 Premiere Status: LA/World Premiere

Dir: Garland Scott, Johnny Rey Diaz; Writer: Garland Scott; Producer: Margarita Reyes, Cody Stokes, Cooper Pair

A struggling single father and former boxer, reluctantly takes a match on short notice.
A collection of stories that prove America was never great for all of us.

Dir./Writer: Valerie Udeozor; Prod: University Of Louisville

Delores Gordon Alleyne now Age 90 is the first black woman to graduate from University of Louisville Medical School in 1957. In the short documentary narrated with rap music, her story is used to promote health professions in the black community.
US Narrative Short | Run time: 22:20 World Premiere

Dir./Writer: Evangeline Mitchell; Prod: Evangeline Mitchell, Jalene Mack

When these five Black lawyers set out on their journeys to receive a professional legal education, they did not realize that they would have to struggle against additional battles even more challenging than the rigors of learning the law in a hypercompetitive environment. They discover the contradictions of studying in an institution that idealistically represents “justice” for all.
US Documentary Short | Run time: 25:00

Dir/Writer: Chris James Mancini, Evellyn Santos; Writer: Chris James Mancini; Prod: Evellyn Santos

It tells the true stories of 3 acts of racial terrorism that occurred in and out of South Florida’s courts in the 1930’s and draws parallels to the problems of law enforcement of today.
Short Plus | Runtime: 37:00 Premiere Status: LA Premiere

A collection of stories featuring those who are battling mental health, loss and feeling stunted. Sometimes you’ve just got to talk it out… Volume 2
Q&A immediately following the screening block at the Filmmaker Sky Lounge

Dir: Arti Ishak; Writer/Prod: Yuchi David Chiu

A competitive swimmer must overcome his PTSD and learn how to swim again before the upcoming team trials.
US Narrative Short | Run time: 13:04 World Premiere

Dir./Writer/Producer: Anthony R Page

Mood is a 10:34 second short film highlighting mental health and its issues. A young lady with dissociative identity disorder, formerly known as multiple personality disorder struggles with herself.
US Narrative Short | Run time: 10:34 LA Premiere

Dir./Producer: Darryl Koi Pugh; Writer: B. Gordan Stovall

When therapy blurs the line between patient and captor, escaping the session becomes survival.
US Narrative Short | Run time: 15:52 World and LA Premiere

Dir: Alejandra Parody; Writer: Cecilia Cereijido-Bloche; Prod: Jake Murphy, Cecilia Cereijido-Bloche

Camila, a young aspiring-and-struggling illustrator, meets Madison, a teenage girl, when Camila is hired by Madison’s (very) wealthy family as her tutor. Unlike Camila, Madison is confident, popular, and has never experienced rejection. Though Camila initially dismisses the teenager as vapid and out-of-touch, they connect over their shared struggles as artists at heart. Camila becomes seduced by Madison’s can-do-attitude and naïve drive. The short interaction ultimately sparks a new fire inside of Camila.
US Narrative Short | Run time: 13:00 World Premiere

Dir./Writer: Kyvon Edwin; Prod: Letitia Guillory, Kyvon Edwin

A heartbroken West-Indian radio host hides his internal trauma from his unsuspecting radio callers as he struggles to heal and restore his peace of mind.
US Narrative Short | Run time: 12:30 LA Premiere

Dir: Jerod B Couch; Writer: Diana C Abousaleh; Prod: Jerod B Couch, Jamarrio Washington, Diana C Abousaleh, Byron Hardy

A schizophrenic, restless woman, suffering from dissociative amnesia is patient zero in a government healthcare experiment, Meta Care, that uses simulations and virtual reality as a means to attempt rehabilitation of violent criminals.
US Narrative Short | Run time: 17:47 LA Premiere

Dir: Andi Chapman; Writer: Mildred Marie Langford; Prod: Mildred Marie Langford, Conisha Wade, Jessica E. Williams

Isa and Stephan, who met while Isa was a freshman in college, have been married for twenty-years; a marriage riddled with domestic violence. Tonight is their twenty-first year anniversary, where another domestic dispute ensues. This time leaving Isa to fight for dear life. In a moment of mental escapism, she confronts the younger versions of herself attempting to gain the freedom she so desperately seeks.
US Narrative Short | Run time: 16:24

A collection of stories that focus on the most vulnerable in society – the homeless, children, immigrants and the formerly incarcerated.
Q&A immediately following the screening block at the Filmmaker Sky Lounge

Dir: Samia Zaidi

Official music video for “Personal Jesus” by Depeche Mode, performed by SOM.
Music Video | Run time: 3:39 LA Premiere

Dir: Samia Zaidi

Official music video for “Personal Jesus” by Depeche Mode, performed by SOM.
Music Video | Run time: 3:39 LA Premiere

Dir./Writer: Lila Yomtoob; Prod: Stacie Capone, Elise Sievert Bhushan Don Downie, Roberto Drilea

Two women who have very different lives find they have a lot in common when one finds the other’s abandoned baby. Produced with $0 budget with collaborative process from script through post.
US Narrative Short | Run time: 7:00 World Premiere

Dir./Writer: Alexander Cecil McNab, Prod: Henry Cohen

Franklin returns to his hometown with plans to develop a vacant lot, but when he arrives, he discovers that his old neighbor, Summer, is homeless and now living on the very land he’s slated for construction. Franklin fails to convince Summer to move off of the property. When Summer ends up turning into a human tree, she turns the entire neighborhood into trees in an effort to thwart Franklin’s development ambitions. However, Summer quickly learns that, no matter how rooted she is, change is inevitable and nothing can prevent progress.
Student Short | Run time: 6:02 World Premiere

Dir./Writer: Aram Winter, Prod: Elyse Gottuk

Unable to find work due to his arrest record, Enen’s time is spent fixing his deceased mother’s car. When his brother, Daniel, shows him an escape from this state of limbo, Enen must let go of the past. But the past has a strange way of sticking around.
Student Short | Run time: 10:23

A collection of stories that speak to the spooky, scary and haunted. Boo!

Dir: Nikki Taylor-Roberts; Prod: Casimir Nozkowski

US Narrative Short | Run time: 7:18 LA premiere

Dir: Herman Rosales; Writer: Liz Savage, Herman Rosales; Prod: Liz Savage

After being kept secret for generations, a vindictive spirit is released and seeks revenge on the woman who gave him a cursed tarot reading that he believes killed his family.
US Narrative Short | Run time: 8:23 World Premiere

Dir./Writer: Cynthia Garcia Williams; Prod: Landi Maduro

“Legend of El Cucuy” is a cautionary tale. Laura and her husband Carlos are permissive parents, and their choice to raise their daughter Isabel without discipline has resulted in a very rude, disobedient child. Carlos is having doubts about their behavioral strategy, but Laura is determined to make different choices from their parents. Against his better judgment, Carlos tells Laura about El Cucuy’s origins, and that same night, El Cucuy pays the family a visit.
US Narrative Short | Run time: 15:00

Dir./Producer: Danielle Mitchell; Writer: Danielle Mitchell, Noah Pinnt

5 years after the traumatic event of surviving a serial killers attack, Alisha Thompson hears the news of her killer Bud “The Snapshot Stalker” confirmed dead. Little does she realize he has been keeping a close eye on her over the years and decides to pay a visit.
US Narrative Short | Run time: 6:37 World Premiere

Dir: Robert Alicea; Writer: Robert Alicea, Scarlett A. Camargo; Prod: Tim O’Hanlon, Charlie Alberto IV

A tormented young woman suffering from sleep paralysis blames the tragic death of her father on a powerful demonic entity. With the help of a hypnotherapist, she must now venture into the darkest corners of her mind before becoming the latest victim of The Hat Man.
US Narrative Short | Run time: 15:28 LA Premiere

Dir/Writer: Calum Sikander Smith; Prod: Kerri Coombs, Shaleen Sutherland, Brandon K Smith, Amy Laurel Barager

Both a visually exciting horror flick, and a heavy-hitting meditation on grief and PTSD, “My Life, My Life, My Life” follows Allison, as she confronts both the pain of losing a sister . . . and the terror of getting her back.
Int’l Short | Runtime: 13 minutes Country: Canada Premiere Status: LA Premiere

Dir./Writer: Camille Corbett; Prod: Camille Corbett, Miranda Pacheco, Vaughn Millette, Sade Nyda

The Island is a horror short about Zora, a young black woman, who discovers that her father has been murdered during her family’s luxury vacation in Caribbean. Suddenly the vacation they are on becomes increasingly sinister and Zora doesn’t know who to trust outside of her family, especially the hotel owner Martisha, the person responsible for Maurice’s death. With the help of her surviving family members, Zora must save herself from dying at the hands of the beautiful, Martisha and avoid the mythical obstacles throughout the island. During this journey, Zora learns that she is even more powerful than she thought.
US Narrative Short | Run time: 10:00

Dir./Writer: Riccardo Constant; Prod: Riccardo Constant, Nyka M. Saint Jean, Giovanah Vilméus Delva

On his way to visit his sister Lauren in San Francisco, Marcus’ car broke down in the middle of nowhere. A stranger invites him to spend the night at her cabin, but her kindness and enchanting beauty is hiding a dark truth.
US Narrative Short | Run time: 13:47 World Premiere

A collection of stories featuring those who are working hard to let go.

Dir: Anastasios Kestsios; Writer: Toni Christopher, George Ketsios, Anastasios Ketsios; Prod: George Ketsios, Toni Christopher

Why We Leave is a dramatic narrative about a married couple struggling to connect with each other after the suicide of their son.
US Narrative Short | Run time: 12:03 World Premiere

Dir./Writer: Jami Ramberan; Prod: Shom Shamapande, Pharoahe Monch

Waiting hours for the coroner to pick up his body, their dad’s death forces two siblings to ask new questions about fatherhood and who dad really was.
US Narrative Short | Run time: 16:32 World Premiere

Dir./Writer/Producer: Joey Medina

An average Joe has a break down after Losing his wife and daughter in a car accident. This short film will take you on an emotional journey while you try and decide who is the victim and who is the villain. And hopefully walk away with a new outlook on a current epidemic that’s taking over society.
US Narrative Short | Run time: 8:30 World Premiere

Dir/Writer: Daniel H Jacobson; Producer: Ross Denyer, Ray Hungria, Raz Birger

In the North, the last states take their first steps toward abolishing chattel slavery; though it will be generations before they will free the last of their slaves. For Basammer, an enslaved man on Mr. Jared Corey’s Virginia plantation, that sounds close enough to freedom; and it’s but a few days’ march away, just across the Mason-Dixon line. He escapes with his secret wife Marfay, leaving the vainglorious Mr. Corey with none to punish (or profit from) but those that remain. The journey of Basammer and Marfay tests their love, pitting it against their morality as they battle both the laws of nature and the laws of man.
Short Plus | Runtime: 29:59