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GATE (Aud.) #5 - The Culver Theater

Dir/Writer: Aria Inthavong; Prod: Saixana Inthavong

Logline: Narrated by two-time Tony Award winner, Donna Murphy, “Nowhere Men” is a wildly ambitious comedy that follows a delusional director and his beleaguered cast’s attempts to stage his terrible Beatles musical that he believes will send them to Broadway. But the twist? Virtually everyone aside from the director are real people whose unscripted reactions to the production’s chaos are captured on camera.
Feature Film | Runtime: 1:24:03 Premiere Status: World Premiere

Dir/Writer: Dawn Jones Redstone; Prod: Ashley Mellinger, Tara Johnson-Medinger

Logline: In a tumultuous world, Noelia, a whip-smart community organizer and single mother of two constantly has to make hard choices between her kids and her career. When she’s offered the chance to interview for a position that could change everything, she begins receiving mysterious messages from her ancestors. Noelia senses that something bigger is at play as she works through a series of obstacles to get to the interview and follow her dreams.
Feature Film | Runtime: 1:27:00 Premiere Status: LA Premiere

Dir: Rumi Oyama; Writer: Rumi Oyama, Joseph Pham; Producer: Brian Rubiano, Elliott Masie, Cathay Masie, Chang Weita, Angelita Esperanza

Logline: Ren Williams, 16 year old spirit-hunter in training always falls short when trying to capture spirits. This failing is due to his psychic powers being suppressed as a result of his parents’ mysterious death. As fate would have it, the school bully, 16 year old Daneca Van Den Berg breaks into the basement of Ren’s Grandmother’s psychic shop. While rummaging for valuables, Daneca manages to open the Spirit Boxes releasing countless ancient Japanese ghosts into unsuspecting NYC. To recapture them, Ren must first regain his psychic powers by facing the buried memories of his parents’ death. After conquering some of his personal demons, and capturing his first ghost, a surprising plot twist reveals a sliver of his family’s dark secrets…
Digital Web Series | Runtime: 51:45

Dir: Joanne I Williams; Writer: Gary Reistad, Kathleen Tank; Producer: Debbie Paschke

Logline: High school student exchange between a mostly Black high school and an all-white high school in 1966.
Documentary Feature | Runtime: 1:01:39 Premiere Status: Unsure about LA Premiere

Dir/Writer/Prod: Bolaji Tijani-Qudus

Logline: After the death of his parents, young Siji Martin finds himself displaced to his Aunty Iyabo’s home as a “houseboy” in Lagos, Nigeria. Siji struggles to fit in with his peers at his new school who refer to him as “garbage”. Luckily, he befriends comical classmate Claxton and develops his first crush on the ever-studious Tiwa. Fast forward to the present. Determined to rise above his impoverished status, adult Siji opts to navigate the upper-class business world in Nigeria. In the process of corporate climbing, he gets engaged to Zola, a rich social media influencer from a very powerful and connected family. Shortly after Siji’s engagement, Tiwa returns to Lagos for a trip after living her adult life in Oakland, California, United States. The two reunite and feel the sparks of an unrequited love, almost two decades old. Siji must now face his strong feelings for Tiwa and decide which is more important to him, true love or wealth and power . . .
Int’l Feature Films | Runtime: 01:50:00 Country: Nigeria Premiere Status: LA Premiere

Dir/Writer: Nicole Gomez Fisher Producer: Dorottya Mathe, Yara Martinez, Nicole Gomez Fisher

Logline: How far are you willing to go to bond with your egg donor? Watch Jessica and her unique “bonding” experience with her potential egg donor, Bridget, as it unfolds and goes awry!
Feature Film | Runtime: 1:33:00 Premiere Status: LA Premiere, World Premiere

Dir/Writer: Vivian Kerr; Prod: Rachel Stander

Logline: After getting laid off, a young single-mom (Vivian Kerr) finds herself living in her car and struggles to hide her homelessness from her estranged brother Ben (Anthony Rapp) and his wife (Lana Parrilla).

Feature Film | Runtime: 1:45:02

Premiere Status: LA Premiere

Dir/Writer: Shihan Van Clief; Prod: Shihan Van Clief, Ronald Erickson II, Arianna Basco

Logline: An aspiring influencer documents her journey to booking her first film; now her and the rest of the cast are trying to survive the film they were just casted in.
Feature Film | Runtime: 1:27:00 Premiere Status: World Premiere

Dir/Writer: Tonatiuh García; Prod: Joel Núñez

Logline: The story of three siblings and the rebellion of a town to defend a river. An unexpected piece of news will make them make decisions that will change their destinies forever because what flows can be as appeasing as it is implacable.
Int’l Feature Film | Runtime: 1:39:00 Country: Mexico