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GATE (Aud.) #14 - Regal Cinemas L.A. Live

A collection of stories of those who endeavor to leave this world better than they found it, by advocating for taking care of the Earth, treating others with kindness, and creating outlets of positivity for the disenfranchised.

Dir./Writer: Ling Zhao, Zhengwu Gu

In a dystopian world, a coal-burning robot working on a mine one day finds something that he has never seen before – a dandelion.
US Student Short | Run time: 3:38 World Premiere

Dir./Writer/Producer: Justin Rowe Tolliver

A documentary short that explores the effects that life on the job as a Long Beach firefighter has on engineer Ryan Sweeney’s home life and overall mental health.
US Narrative Short | Run time: 6:24 World/LA Premiere

Dir./Writer: Patrick Phillips, Prod: Deitrah Taylor, Patrick Phillips

Exploring the growing popularity, challenges and changing perceptions of PEV (personal electric vehicles) through a diverse group of riders in Atlanta.
US Documentary Short | Run time: 23:48 World/LA Premiere

Dir./Producer: Shawn Antoine IIDir./Producer: Shawn Antoine II

“Kingdome” is a powerful and inspiring documentary that chronicles the remarkable journey of the legendary basketball tournament in Harlem known as the Kingdome. For 37 years, this tournament has been a symbol of community, resilience, and the transformative power of basketball.
US Documentary Short | Run time: 20:00 World Premiere

A collection of stories of those who finally decide to choose themselves, and the journey it takes to arrive at that conclusion.

Dir: Tyler Davis, Writer: Zae Jordan, Calvin Seabrooks, Prod: Anosh McAdam, Lauren Bancroft

A small town husband and father discuss the struggles with balancing his double life as Zendaya.
US Documentary Short | Run time: 20:00 World Premiere

Dir./Writer/Producer: Yaa Asantewaa Faraj

A ballet dancer struggles to cope with the realities of her new life after one night goes terribly wrong.
US Narrative Short | Run time: 12:16

Dir/Writer/Producer: Delores Flynn

Logline: Single mother Nicole finally finds love but ends up in an abusive relationship where brokenness fills both of their lives causing the cycle to continue. The filmmaker has partnered with Michigan based domestic violence organization HAVEN on the project. HAVEN is a nationally recognized nonprofit leader that provides programs to promote violence-free homes and communities and helps victims of domestic violence and sexual assault
Short Plus | Runtime: 39:00

Dir./Writer/Producer: Shannon Harris

Hannah ends three-year on-again, off-again “situationship” with Roman due to irreconcilable world views that have potentially serious ramifications. But it wasn’t “all a wash.”

US Narrative Short | Run time: 5:00

Dir./Writer/Producer: Johnny Ray Gill

A woman starts a nonprofit organization to tackle the erectile dysfunction crisis plaguing women all over America. Turns out, misinformation is not a vagina’s best friend.
US Narrative Short | Run time: 5:58

Dir/Writer: Janessa St. Pierre; Prod: Janessa St. Pierre, Geoff Manton, Graysen Sangster

Logline: A young black woman has been hiding behind wigs for years until her Alopecia is exposed publicly. She uses this experience as a catalyst to break free of the shame she feels towards her baldness.
Int’l Short | Runtime: 15:10 Country: Canada Premiere Status: World Premiere

A collection of stories of those in the workplace, trying to get work or attempting a new career.

Dir: Tyler Davis, Writer: Laurie Magers, Prod: Anosh McAdam, Lauren Bancrof

In the world of Severance, Geoffrey is UNSEVERABLE.
US Narrative Short | Run time: 4:33 World Premiere

Director/Writer: Adriano Valentini

Logline: With the help of his diverse Brooklyn neighbors, a stubborn, argumentative, yet oddly woke tracksuit-wearing Italian-American, known as Guido “Gagootz” Gaguzzi, starts a how to YouTube channel (purely for tax right-off purposes) that never actually teaches anyone how to do anything.
Digital Web Series | Runtime: 30:00 Premiere Status: World Premiere

Dir: Bao Truong; Writer: Christina Connerton; Producer: Bao Truong, Christina Connerton

A chronically ill people-pleaser interviews for a life changing job at a recruiting agency, only to unravel the sinister cult that lies within. Inspired by true events.
US Narrative Short | Run time: 10:36

Dir: Calvin J Walker; Writer: Lafayette Dennis; Producer: Calvin J Walker, Lafayette Dennis

Tasked with the assignment of voting in a new team lead at work, Ethan must determine which is more important, ethics or opportunity, after finding out his colleague and friend, Demetria, has been on the receiving end of unsolicited sexual advances by one of the candidates.
US Narrative Short | Run time: 13:29

Dir: Robert Butler III; Writer: Dani Fernandez; Producer: Camille Corbett

A paranoid woman returns to work after witnessing a traumatic experiment in her office’s laboratory, only to discover her coworkers may be trying to kill her.
US Narrative Short | Run time: 10:00 LA Premiere

Dir./Writer/Producer: Lauren Ann McGarrett

In order to sweeten his career prospects, Theo, a reserved zillennial, receives the help of retired campaign manager and irritable neighbor, Mr. Bernard Black. With nothing better to do, Mr. Black implements his expertise in politics to help transform Theo into the ideal candidate for his dream job. However, Mr. Black knows nothing of the modern job market, online applications, skill tests or algorithms. Nonetheless, he uses his traditionalist philosophy to train Theo into the man he thinks he should be. But while Theo practices asking to speak to the manager, Mr. Black sees firsthand what it’s like to be a young person in the 21st century.

US Narrative Short | Run time: 13:10

World Premiere

A collection of stories of those passing time, passing through time or getting stuck somewhere in between…

Dir: Tyler Davis; Writer: D.J. Mausner; Producer: Anosh McAdam, Lauren Bancroft

A sweet and bubbly couple outfit their dog Jellybean with a translation collar only to receive a harrowing monologue.
US Narrative Short | Run time: 4:07 World Premiere

(Dir: Matege “Pest” Rogers, Writer: Miriam Nsimbi, Ernest “GNL” Nsimbi, Prod: Miriam Nsimbi, Ernest “GNL” Nsimbi, Rukia Nabbanja

As we spread love to other people, we become exponential, eternal, infinite. Love is timeless.
Music Videos | Run time: 5:36 World Premiere

Dir: Tyler Davis, Writer: Evan Mills, Calvin Seabrooks, Prod: Anosh McAdam, Lauren Bancroft, Nick Gage

Evan drifts off to slumberland, but is greeted by an unexpected visitor.
Music Videos | Run time: 3:17 World Premiere

Dir: Ryan Stevens Harris; Writer: John Michael Elfers, Ryan Stephens Harris, Phillip E. Walker, Alberto Anaya López, Hope D. Williams, Katherine Phillips, Margaret Newborn, Daniela Lugo, Franklin Whitlatch, Jacuetta Green; Prod: John Michael Elfers

95th Academy Award® televised ceremony appearing Phillip E. Walker Stars in this much celebrated Serlingesque mini short film which leads viewers on a dark comedy fantasy romp through the mind. There an elder is thrusted into a different world . . . via some assistance.

US Narrative Short | Run time: 5:51 LA Premiere

Dir./Writer: Toy Lei; Prod: Toy Lei, Venita Ozols-Graham

Wracked by guilt, a woman contemplates her future after she mysteriously wakens on the moon.
US Narrative Short | Run time: 10:20 LA maybe World Premiere

Dir/Writer: Stephanie Annette / Director: Alvin Mankuro Prod: Wiselone Films

Logline: GiGi traveled to another reality to deliver a message for future Tomas, that present day Tomas may not be able to receive.
Int’l Short | Runtime: 7 minutes, 47 seconds Country: France

Dir./Writer: Juliana Khanjian; Prod: Juliana Khanjian, Anaïs Amin, Akeallah Blair

Vana, a young woman with ALS, wakes up in a dream-like state stuck between her world and the afterlife. After meeting the gatekeeper, David, she finds out that she must make a monumental decision of either going back to her life with ALS surrounded by loved ones or continuing on to the afterlife.
US Narrative Short | Run time: 14:51 LA Premiere

A collection of stories of those who finally decide to choose themselves, and the journey it takes to arrive at that conclusion.

Dir./Writer: Arina Rozova

The story is about a girl who is in the eternal pursuit of success and status. Work brings her money, sports – a beautiful body, parties – avoiding loneliness. Alcohol, drugs, strange men…All in a circle. Maybe it’s time to stop?
Music Video | Run time: 4:40 LA Premiere

Dir: Tiffany Yvonne Cox; Writer: Will Allan; Prod: Leigh Allan, Will Allan, Angela Alise, Bryce Gangel

We follow Black Woman, Gay Black Man, Angry Guy, Tall Girl, Middle Eastern Guy, and eventually, Hot Girl, as they navigate what it means to have the abilities and the drive to be a star, but always be relegated to roles no one even bothers to name. With a perfect blend of hilarity, heartbreak, and searing social and racial commentary, STAR VEHICLE gives voices to those actors grinding every day to land roles that don’t even have voices themselves.
US Narrative Short | Run time: 13:48 LA Premiere

Dir./Writer: Joshua Trust Reed; Prod: Christin St. John, Ivan Rome, Yohana Desta

Calvin “Cal” Chambers is a struggling rap artist. One night, he goes to the studio in an attempt to finish his album. As he struggles to rap, there are other things on his mind. His ex-girlfriend’s world tour kick-off concert is on the very same night. To finish his album and overcome his writer’s block, he must come to terms with her success and as well his insecurities.
US Narrative Short | Run time: 10:01 LA Premiere

Dir: Elizabeth R Hinlein; Writer/Producer: Liz Hinlein

THE SUN WILL COME OUT is a comedic short form narrative/doc film focusing on a Broadway Star, Mandy Gonzalez, telling her origin stories through her major failed auditions; ANNIE, THE JUILLIARD SCHOOL, BETTE MIDLER. It combines storytelling and interviews with Mandy recreating her past botched, flopped, and bombed auditions. Thus showcasing her spirit and passion and inspiring us to never give up.

US Narrative Short | Run time: 6:00 LA premiere Feature Talent: Mandy Gojzalez

Dir./Writer/Producer: Andrew T. Horng

When an Asian-American skateboarder, who’s either stereotyped or ignored by everyone in her life, is invited to a skateboarding contest, her rare opportunity to shine is ruined by the presence of another Asian-American skateboarder.
US Narrative Short | Run time: 13:00

Director: Robert Butler III Writer: Cheyenne Ewulu Prod: Robert Butler III, Cheyenne Ewulu, Matt Allan Smith

Logline: Rather than going to graduate school, a former engineering major opens up her own Comic Book store in the heart of Los Angeles with her quirky friends.
Digital Web Series | Runtime: 12 minutes, 47 seconds Premiere Status: World Premiere

Dir/Writer: Jon Frenkel Garcia; Prod: Andrew Reyna

In this cinematic fairytale, Francisca Newman, a psychologically disturbed ballerina, fails at her life audition. Her perfectionism starts to take a noticeable toll on her mental health, where in a world of passion and beauty, sensibility and enlightenment becomes darkness.
US Narrative Short | Run time: 15:00 World Premiere

Dir: Kyra Knox; Producer: Kyra Knox, Allen Iverson, Mark Mims, Omar Evans, Cleon Lockett, Paul Taylor, Naquis Brabham

Logline: Bad Things Happen in Philadelphia is a full-length documentary focusing on the effects of gun violence on young men, women & mothers living in Philadelphia. This film follows the stories of three young adults who were empowered to discover their self-worth, and ultimately pivot their life journeys toward a positive and hopeful future, all through the power of basketball. The year 2021 was the most violent in Philadelphia’s history with over 500 murders. 2022 is on track to pass those numbers. Community leaders do what they can, but for Shoot Basketballs NOT People founder Garry Mills, the prospect of losing just one more kid to gun violence is one too many.
Documentary Feature | Runtime: 1:07:36 Premiere Status: World Premiere

Dir/Writer/Prod: MeMe Kelly

Logline: In 24 hours, a Mom and Professor diagnosed with terminal cancer lives her truths out loud for the first time while refusing to ask her family’s permission to forgo a treatment that could prolong her life!
Feature Film | Runtime: 1:17:34 Premiere Status: LA Premiere, World Premiere
A collection of stories that follow those from other worlds, and those just trying to save the world.

Dir/Writer: Nic Collins; Writer: Sean Godsey; Prod: Danny Lepthien

Logline: An ancient creature emerges from the deep to take away humanity’s pain.
Digital Web Series | Runtime: 7:56

Dir./Writer: Eunice Levis; Prod: Elvis Nolasco, Matt Goldman, Rachel Ofori, Berman Fenelus, Eunice Levis

An undocumented scientist and his son try to stop an environmental disaster.
US Narrative Short | Run time: 14:49

Dir./Writer: Evette Vargas; Prod: Evette Vargas, Noah A. Waters III, Jimmy A. Velarde

After committing a sin in heaven, Manuel de Castillo, an angel and former Spanish conquistador, is banished and must roam the earth until fulfilling his penance, which is to compel sinners to carry out a penance of their own, to right their wrongs and cleanse their souls. Fallen angel Manuel has been earth bound for 500-years and today, he initially contacts sinners by using the one thing they all possess — a phone.
US Narrative Short | Run time: 21:33 World Premiere

Dir./Writer: Antonio Souto Fraguas; Prod: Eva Gonzalez Calvo, Antonio Souto Fraguas

A family visits a monumental structure in a national park when tragedy unfolds.
US Narrative Short | Run time: 14:29